Ellie, Abbie & Ellie’s Dead Aunt @ Depot Theatre Marrickville


It was a pleasure to experience this delicious and entertaining new play featuring six well-drawn, strong characters played by a good all-female cast.

Monica Zanetti’s play delivers a touching lesbian romantic comedy, blended with LGBT political history, and is an important message piece about respecting sexual minorities. It also touches on the inaction of police and  their reluctance to investigate LGBT murders.

Ellie’s mother has provided a litany of lies to protect Ellie from the whole truth about her lesbian Aunt Amber’s sudden death.  Ellie, the goody goody School Captain has fallen in love with Abbie a girl from her history class. Ellie, in fact, is getting the ‘ghostly’ counsel of her deceased Aunt to navigate the intricacies of her first lesbian affair.

The production features minimal sets and costumes,  until superb costuming appears, for the night of the High School formal. There is an excellent ensemble cast, and Sophie Hawkshaw as Ellie gives an engaging performance playing the character who is the strong and vital lynchpin around which the narrative unfolds.

The timely resolutions of the play are positive and life affirming, and provides optimism about solving the identity of Aunt Amber’s murderer.

The only one quibble about ELLIE, ABBIE & ELLIE’S DEAD AUNT, is that the writer/director has decided to stage a film screenplay that has been formatted for a feature-length movie film, instead of using a script written for live theatre.

Monica Zanetti is an award winning Australian writer and actress. Her debut feature movie film was SKIN DEEP (2015) which has been screened at over eight international Film Festivals, and also earned a 2015 AWGIE nomination for Best Original Screenplay.  

Recommended, Feet First Ventures production of ELLIE, ABBIE & ELLIE’S DEAD AUNT, written and directed by Monica Zanetti, is playing the Depot theatre, 142 Addison Road, Marrickville until 8th April. The venue has free on-site car parking. Performances are 8 pm Wednesdays to Saturdays and Sundays at 5 pm.

Producer:-  Olga Markovic

Cast:- Meagan Caratti, Margi De Ferranti, Sophie Hawkshaw, Geraldine Viswanathan, Monica Zanetti




All photos by Tina Lee Photography.