Common Sense pic

There was a big turnout for the Common Sense Exhibition that was held last Friday 20 at 1000 £ Bend, Little Lonsdale St. The free one-off event hosted over twenty unique works of original art, ranging from, illustrations, sculptures, interactive pieces, film, photos and even gelato making experience.

It was a very intriguing exhibition that both art aficionados and everyday people would enjoy. Many of the pieces were created by Sydney based Lizard Studio and Drawing Book Studios. The exhibition provided a platform for all forms of creative expression and inspiration for future artists. More of these exhibitions are expected to be launched in Sydney and Melbourne later this year.

“Our event encourages people to better understand and appreciates the diversity of the creative journey undertaken by the artists,” curator Zoe Edema tells the Sydney Arts Guide. “What it provokes and expresses, how it is presented and the various ways in which it can engage the audience.”

Morten Rowley, whose company Supervixen produces motion design and illustration for Australian and Hollywood film and TV production, was excited about the exhibition. His 3D printed sculpture received a lot of attention. “It’s amazing what you can do on computers these days,” he says, “This took a few weeks to make. I did all the modelling and sketching in the programs and here’s the result.  But it’s great we got involved with the exhibition because there is so much talent out there, both locally and international and it’s important to showcase it.”