Guide photographer Ben Apfelbaum went to the show’s recent Media Call at the Sydney Opera House where Sydney Opera House CEO Louise Herron addressed the gathering.

Photographers were then invited out to the forecourt to take a few pics of the cast in costume as well as one of the big drawcards, the show’s two elephants, Queenie and Karanga (Swahili for peanuts).

I went to see the show in performance and it was spectacular. Charming, charismatic ringmaster Willy Whipsnake (David Williamson) kept audiences thoroughly entertained in between the very diverse acts.

Thankfully, the show was not framed around a specific narrative structure, a strategy that often fails to inspire. The show’s focus was clear and precise, to give these wonderful circus artists the full opportunity to shine and showcase their talents.

In a circus of highlights my stand-out acts were the Cycling Cyclone (Florian Blummel), the Great Gaston Juggling Juggernaut (Francois Borie) and the High Wire Dance performed by Los Lopez.

Puppet Elephants Queenie and Karanga drew great reactions from the kids, as  did Willy Whipsnake when he invited a few lucky kids from  the audience to join him for a brief time on the stage.

Production values were excellent with Evan Jolly’s pulsating soundscape and Paul Smith’s outstanding lighting design being highlights.

The wrap. This was great family entertainment for the summer holiday season.

CIRCUS 1903 played the Concert Hall at the Sydney Opera House between the 18th and the 29th December, 2016.

Featured image- Sydney Opera House CEO Louise Herron. All images by Ben Apfelbaum (c).