Photo: Dan Boud

The Museum of Contemporary Art Australia (MCA) will once again present its popular SOUNDS ON THE TERRACE series.  A live and free music event to coincide with their LIGHTS ON LATER program where galleries stay open until 9pm.

Beginning tonight, Wednesday 1st November, SOUNDS ON THE TERRACE will bring together E for Echo’s sonic soundscapes and the dreamy electronica of Matilda Abraham from 6:30 -8:30.  There is free access and breathtaking views across the city.

 E for Echo : Floating atop atmospheric guitars, agile rhythms, dark motifs and 80’s synths are the sweet yet commanding vocals of frontwomen Zana Rose (vocals/synths) and Jenna Murphy (vocals/electric guitar). gaining a wide audience and stellar reputation for their dynamic and engaging live shows.

Matilda Abraham:    With a range of dynamic shifts, Abraham’s music encompasses layers of both electronic and acoustic parts. There is a strength and an evenness to her sound stemming from her deep understanding of music. And there is an intrinsic warmth that comes from her desire to share in it.

The sessions are being curated in this its 6 year by Young Henry’s Brewers of Newtown.  The craft beer crew once said the stereo is one of the most important pieces of brewing equipment: from their Newtown base, they’re known to play a mix of rock’n’ roll, ambivalent electronica, indie and alternate rock, dance and punk. At the MCA, they’ll blend that with their selection of Newtowner Aussie pale ale, Natural Lager, Summer Hop Ale (IPA), Cloudy Cider and the award-winning Noble Cut Gin.”

New events are scheduled for Wednesdays 6 December, 10 January and 7 February.  Keep an eye out on the MCA website  :

Australian Museum Research Unit Launch

AM Director Kim McKay, AM Scientists and Arts Minister Troy Grant
AM Director Kim McKay, AM Scientists and Arts Minister Troy Grant

This week the Minister for the Arts, Troy Grant, announced the official launch of the Australian Museum’s newest directive, the Australian Museum Research Institute. This initiative brings together a team of 70 scientists and over 100 associates who, through scientific research and communication, will work together to increase our ability to understand and respond to challenges facing the planet.

“Through its work, the Research Institute is inspiring a generation of new scientists dedicated to the conservation of our natural environment,” said Mr Grant.

Sandy Ingleby, mammologist showcasing our collections
Sandy Ingleby, mammologist showcasing our collections

The Australian Museum in Sydney’s CBD is well known as one of the country’s leading cultural attractions, with historically rich displays that document the enironmental and cultural archeology of Australia and the Pacific. The museum houses the largest collection of objects in the country with over 18 million artifacts, fossils, minerals and native insect and animal specimens, a collection that underpins its world-class innovative research. Continue reading Australian Museum Research Unit Launch