Humpback Whales In 3D @ IMAX

Poster for Humpback Whales 3D Imax

We really do live on a beautiful blue planet and one’s heart leaps up when one see us spinning silently in space in 3D. What a way to begin an IMAX documentary about the watery blue of our world and the giants that roam free in it. HUMPBACK WHALES IN 3D is playing at IMAX Darling Harbour and it is an engrossing, eye- opening insight into a world hidden from all but a select few. This is a short film, 39 minutes, but the images are rich, the audio is state of the art, and the message is gently placed.

The images are truly astonishing. Brilliantly filmed and edited so that the action is mostly in the centre and lower frame to reduce head bobbing, we see the whales both below the water and above as they are breaching. But when a 40 ton, 50 foot Humpback rises vertically to the surface and the audience moves as one to follow its path to the top of the screen, there is a communal intake of breath. This is why IMAX is the perfect place to see this film. Continue reading Humpback Whales In 3D @ IMAX


A glorious sunset in one of the world’s great cities. Pic Dustin Farrell

Sydneysiders are in for a very special treat  with next week’s release of the film JERUSALEM, in superb 3D and IMAX format, celebrating the world’s oldest and most sacred city.

The film sees three vivacious young Jerusalemites, one from each of the great faiths- Judaic, Christian and Islamic-  reflect on what it’s like to live in one of the world’s great cities.

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