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02-Bi. Cycle (The Sammy Steel Spin Class Challenge) S+S WC finalist 03-WAR KISS S+S WC finalist 04-Angelfish S+S WC finalist 05-BLESS ME FATHER S+S WC finalist 06-The Odds of Gazing S+S WC finalist.jpg 07-THE POLITICAL BACHELORETTE S+S WC finalist 08-All Stations to Sanity S+S WC finalist.jpg 09-The formative years S+S WC finalist 10-The Interview From Hell - S+S WC finalist 11-The mediator S+S WC finalist 12-But i just got here S+S WC finalist


The biggest little play festival in the world. 2016 and this is the fifteenth year of SHORT+SWEET THEATRE SYDNEY, running Wednesdays to Sundays, from 6 January 2016 to 13 March 2016 with the very best of the best are returning in March at the Gala Final.

All the heats have finished, and these twelve just simply superb plays all deserved getting to the S+S WILDCARDS finals. Providing clever message-pieces and both drama and laugh-out-loud entertainment galore, presented in the ten minute play format.

(1) HARRY JEEVA AND THE GATES TO SELF DESTRUCTION – Wildcards Week 6 – Meditation comedy, freshly divorced Harry manages the eternal battle between mind, intellect and soul. Methods explained for controlling anger, greed and lust. ITC: Vedanta, Writer + Director: Robert Grant, Cast: Uma Kali Shakti (Soul), Sanket Das (Harry Jeeva), Belinda Maree Elchaar (Ms. Brill and Amanda), Cristina Siciliano (Mind), Brad Yee (Intellect) Continue reading SHORT AND SWEET THEATRE 2016 WILDCARDS FINAL @ Depot Theatre

SHORT AND SWEET THEATRE 2016 TOP 80 WEEK 8 @ Depot Theatre




SHORT AND SWEET THEATRE 2016 TOP 80 WEEK 8 @ Depot Theatre

The biggest little play festival in the world. 2016 and this is the fifteenth year of SHORT+SWEET THEATRE SYDNEY, running Wednesdays to Sundays, from 6 January 2016 to 13 March 2016 with the best of the best returning in March at the Gala Final.

There are ten just simply superb plays this week. Captivating, strange, unique, and laugh-out-loud entertainment galore, and one with a live band.

(1) PROCRASTINATION – Delightful comedy as every word as typed by the playwright (Chris Yaacoubian), is immediately performed on stage by the actor (Nicholas Talbot) and the actress (Samm Cluff). A truly brilliant study in writer procrastination, rebellion and wish fulfilment. ITC: Active Theatre Productions, Writer: Allan West, Director: Simon Doctor

(2) PLASTIC – University student Ally (Alicia Easaw-Mamutil) has a plastic bag over her head, the telephone rings and she takes the bag off, to answer the telephone call from Glebe Police, Constable Gould (Will Hall). Yes her neighbours are Peeping Toms, delicious non-suicidal comedy ensues. The unanswered question remains “Do you have sex with your shoes on?”
Writer: Allee Richards, Director: Ariella Stoian

(3) AULD LANG SYNE – Forty year high school reunion, should old acquaintance be forgot, because two men finally learn that they secretly had a sexual relationship with the same woman at the same time? Relationship humour results as these 58 year olds, formerly three close school friends, now discover that they were never ever friends. Just bed-buddies for the woman of their dreams, as one man is never enough, she needed exactly everything that both offered. Writer: Dan Borengasser, Director: Melissa Maclean, Cast: Stephen Allnutt (Blake), Leilani Loau (Liz – the woman), Peter Tregilgas (Jack)

(4) SAME TIME NEXT WEEK – Perfectly directed and performed drama monologue, in one voice. Brave choices in lighting states achieved the best possible impact, to illustrate the scars of a violent childhood, and the long suppressed violence within. Past violence by his father, ultimately generated violence by the son Alan (Dudley Levell) to his wife Jenny. Concussion, bruises, three broken ribs, gbh, avo, and just so much more. Writer: Dudley Levell, Director: Valentino Arico

(5) CHICKEN CURRY – Audience favourite, this curried-away toilet-humour comedy is set in the Mens toilets. Two men with severe gastric food poisoning, with their chunder everywhere. Initially pretending to be a man, Lily (Cerise Cofoed) is the young woman hiding from her boyfriend Anton (Cassius Russel), and the young man Blake (Tom Henderson), whilst vomiting their Chicken Curry, they discover that they have so very much in common. Anton arrives, and Lily finally learns that Anton is married, and the one and only reason why Lily is his girlfriend. Writer: Georgina Adamson, Director: Wombat GT, Cast: Cerise Cofoed (Lily), Tom Henderson (Blake), Cassius Russel (Anton)

(6) MATCH OF THE CENTURY – Live music by a three piece band, plus the most expensive set and production at Short + Sweet this year. Imagine creating within ten minutes, a superb rap musical version of CHESS the musical. Set in 1972 during the Cold War, chess champion and rapper Boris Spassky (Jack Douglas) versus his chess challenger and rapper Bobby Fischer (Mark Longhurst) and all reported in rap by the ABC TV Sports Reporter (Ally O’Brien). This performance deservedly gained lengthy applause, from an appreciative audience. Writer: Mark Longhurst, Director: Steven Tait, Band: Deborah Lau (Piano), Bruno Coimbra (Percussion), Joe Plunkett (Double Bass)

(7) YE OL NOTES OF SPARK – Clever comedy of Shakespearian proportions. So did the bard’s wife Anne Hathaway, cause each and every word to be written by the bard? Writer: Emily Ward, Director: Lucy Scott, Cast: Diab Metry (Anne Hathaway – Shakespeare’s wife), John Ed Molyneux (William Shakespeare)

(8) SHADES OF DORIAN GRAY – Classic drama unfolds on stage, as three eras in the vivid life of DERRICK and his painting are explored. The world of regret from failing to take informed advice from your painting. ITC: Actors Anonymous Inc., Writer: Peter Hall, Director: Chrissy de Silva, Creatives: John Tsioulos (Photography), Doug Oak (Poster Design), Cast: Patrick Costello (Derrick 1), William Jordan (Derrick 2), Graham Yates (Derrick 3), Donna Sizer (Fran – VOICEOVER)

(9) FAMILY PLANNING – Excellent dialogue and dramatic outcome. Despite ballooning over population in the year 2050, now married for five years, young Rose and Howard Howard seek to obtain government permission to breed. If only they knew that have paid the wrong people to assist them. Director: Ellie Poussot, Cast: Jasmine Samantha Cabrera (Rose), Matthew David Johnson (Howard), Joseph JU Taylor (Rhett), Sebastian Lopez (Jim)

(10) CATASTROPHISING IS NOT A WORD! – Comedy on a grand scale with Josie the hyper-active hypochondriac teenager, blessed with a google android telephone, supplying her with all the wrong answers, and each answer providing her with brand new illnesses.  How many diseases can one person have, and yet somehow easily manage to survive?   ITC: Seat of the Pants Productions, Writer: Ruth Fingret, Director: Ruth Fingret, Assistant Director: Jennifer Shames, Cast: Hilary Park (Josie), Mel Ryan (Google Help – VOICEOVER)

SHORT AND SWEET THEATRE 2016 Top80 week EIGHT, runs from Wednesday 24 February 2016 to Sunday 28 February 2016.

The Depot Theatre, 142 Addison Road, Marrickville

with on-site free car parking.

Production photography by Sylvi Soe, and displayed in performance order.

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SHORT AND SWEET THEATRE 2016 TOP 80 WEEK 7 @ Depot Theatre

Shabnam Tavakol and Benjamin Kuryo in Nick Subjak's SATURDAY 7.32am
Shabnam Tavakol and Benjamin Kuryo in Nick Subjak’s SATURDAY 7.32am

There are ten high quality plays this week, thought-provoking, compelling, laugh-out-loud, superb entertainment galore, and with some adult themed comedy too.

(1) YOU TAKE THE HEAD – Huge comedy farce. A married man is suddenly dead on her bedroom floor, and Megan (Jen Jackson Blake) has asked her friend Lara (Brigid Bohackyj) has to help move the lifeless body to the bathroom. Both trying to choose a reasonable explanation, before the ambulance arrives. Writer: Sylvia Ann Alston, Director: Rebecca Ellis, Cast: Brigid Bohackyj (Lara), Jen Jackson Blake (Megan)

(2) MAYBE BABY – Adult themed comedy delight. Sperm collection at the IVF centre, with two couples with markedly different reasons for wanting to conceive, ending with an unexpected dual “Happy Ending”. ITC: Actors Anonymous Inc, Writer: James Adcock, Director: Jon Emmett, Cast: Kathryn Haradine (Sarah), Alex Giles (Steve), Kaleigh Wilkie-Smith (Karen), Josh Williams (Chris)

(3) SATURDAY 7:32AM – Compelling drama, presented with two unique points of view. Perpetually shy and socially awkward man (Benjamin Kuryo) constantly obsesses over the woman (Shabnam Tavakol) that he has been stalking. String of events are explored from both perspectives. His first face to face encounter, is in a bar. Surprisingly he is invited back to her place, for a one night only bedroom performance. He does not understand, and quickly becomes stalker, rapist, murderer. ITC: Almost Dangerous, Writer: Nick Subjak, Director: Glen Pead, Cast: Shabnam Tavakol (Woman), Benjamin Kuryo (Man) Continue reading SHORT AND SWEET THEATRE 2016 TOP 80 WEEK 7 @ Depot Theatre

SHORT AND SWEET THEATRE 2016 TOP 80 WEEK 6 @ Depot Theatre

01 Twisted-1 02 18C and me the Bigot's Lament-1 03 Twist & shout-1 04 Blind Date-1 05 Pop Corn-1 06 Gran scams-1 07 Special Places-1 08 Closr-1 09 Game night-1

This is week six of the biggest little play festival in the world. 2016 is the fifteenth year of SHORT+SWEET THEATRE SYDNEY, running Wednesdays to Sundays, from 6 January 2016 to 13 March 2016. Expect to see up to 160 ten minute plays across the eight weeks, with the best of the best returning in March at the Gala Final, all with on-site free car parking.

A very entertaining selection this week, all are strangely compelling, but nevertheless this week has nine superb entertaining performances.

(1) TWISTED – On the farm, the year 1939 experiencing a real life Wizard Of Oz, and Toto too. Three lazy farm hands, find a girl knocked unconscious by a recent tornado, who speaks exactly like Judy Garland and dances whilst singing “The Jitterbug” from the movie. Delighful audience pleaser. ITC: One Carriage Productions, Writers: Luke Reeves and Glenn Wanstall, Director: Luke Reeves, Cast: Debbie Neilson (Dorothy), Glenn Wanstall (Hunk), Jon Rhys Goodsell (Zeke), Luke Reeves (Hickory), Elizabeth Donahoe Lawrencev (Miss G – the witch) Continue reading SHORT AND SWEET THEATRE 2016 TOP 80 WEEK 6 @ Depot Theatre


00 mc - Brendan Hay - CRUELLO DE VIL 01 Debbie Neilson-1 02 AlexandraChambers FANGIRL medium  low res 03 Anna Canillas-1 04 Double Trouble by Cardistry 05 BOYS BOYS BOYS-1  low res 06 Being Betty LR-1 07 Rosie Rivette  low res 08 SongsForSarahConnor low res 09 Lady Cool2 10 A-Man-and-his-Organ-  low res 11 Thao Thanh Cao-1 12 Melody Beck-1  low res 13 Kay Armstrong BIKE image 1 14 Girls on Tap-1  low res

Production photography by Sylvi Soe, and displayed in performance order.

The Short + Sweet Cabaret Gala Final took place last Sunday evening at the swish inner city  cabaret venue, the Slide. in front of a huge sold-out audience. Master of ceremonies Mr. Cruelo de Vil (Brendan Hay) cleverly entertained between acts.

– (1) Diamonds Last ForeverDebbie Neilson is magnificent as Marilyn Monroe, and Luke Reeves is the spy, James Bond 007. Yes Debbie speaks exactly like, and sounds exactly like MM as she sings “Diamonds Are Forever” wearing a beautiful red and diamonds gown. Debonaire spy arrives and dances to the music of the “James Bond Theme”. However they are both on secret missions to kill each other. Debbie dances and sings “My Heart Belongs To Daddy”, “Everyone Talks” and “I’m Through With Love”. Clever storyline, beautifully paced and in a unexpected surprise twist, MM gets her man. Delicious audience favourite.

– (2) Fangirl – Now wearing a beautiful blue tardis gown, Alexandra Chambers is super fangirl Stephanie Sparkle and sings her unique stalker story via familiar tunes with comic lyrics. She takes a deep and meaningful look inside Fangirls Anonymous (FA) where she is in the process of recovering from her stalking obsession for Jenna Coleman (Clara – the companion on TVs Doctor Who). Featuring ‘Girl Crush’ and ‘They Can’t Take That Away From Me’ with the performance generating lots of laughs from the clever story and lyrics. Guitarist: David Macaulay.

– (3) Dear DiaryAnna Canillas, at the age of thirty, re-discovered her deliberately long forgotten 1997 Catholic high school diary. Using imaginative song lyrics, with humour passion and warmth, she detailed in song the diary contents, all about friends, being in and out of love, and many many things that needed to be forgotten. She dedicated her fresh version of lyrics for “Nine the Musical – A Call From the Vatican” and “Willy Wonka – Pure Imagination” to her long lost crush Dylan Andrews. Accompanist: Dave Collins on the piano.

– (4) CardistryLucas Itrawan and Ash Hodgkinson are DOUBLE TROUBLE as the two boys from “Cardistry” and are just fourteen years old, and already are seasoned professionals on the Australian entertainment circuit. Crowned Australian Junior Magic Champions at the age of twelve, then starred in their own sell-out show at the 2015 Melbourne Magic Festival. Craig a volunteer from the audience, using random colours, hand coloured a gigantic sketch of their black and white JOKER CARD, to which the magicians produced a deck of colour 52 JOKER CARDS that exactly and precisely matched the random colours. Superb magic entertainment. Short+Sweet Magic+Comedy winner of ‘Best Magic Act 2016’.

– (5) Boys Boys BoysEmma Nicolazo is the woman who freely admits to being an atypical Virgo, and always obtains a unique trophy from each and every new lover, just before she disappears through his front door. All the trials and tribulations of a troubled young woman, constantly looking for a good time with lots and lots of young men. Majestically funny and full of joy, plus wonderful entertaining dialogue and lyrics, all about her multitude of failed relationships. Danny the Cheater, received a dose of her versions of “Who’s That Girl” and “The Language Of Love”. Accompanied on the piano by Matthew Jonathan Ogle. Perhaps you were thinking “serial murderess”, however she just collects insane quantities of t-shirts.

– (6) Being BettyJulianne Sisinni is a beautifully dressed, very hip 1960s secretary, telling her psychiatrist all about her relationships and her very complicated life in song, from the comfort of a gigantic red-coloured egg-shaped chair. Songs included “Im Hip Not Square”.

– (7) Mrs Rivette’s Wild Night In – delivered a female-fantasy laden comedy burlesque starring Rosanna Nadine Cramer. The programme suggests you should expect to see a whip fetish using “the cat o’ nine tails”. Instead a total of nine fluffy tails have been sewn onto a child’s cute fluffy toy cat. Everything is not quite correct, especially with pearls in the wrong place, and this cute and clever take on female burlesque drew gasps from an appreciative audience, with the denouement gaining lengthy applause.

– (8) Songs for Sarah Connor – Starring Alistair Tomkins as THE TERMINATOR mix-tape cabaret style, with very entertaining new comedy lyrics sung to very familiar music, played on the piano by accompanist Dom Woodhead. With songs from Gershwin to Radiohead, all with new comedy lyrics, laugh-out-loud-funny starring THE TERMINATOR on electric guitar. Singing new versions of “Yesterday” and “There’s Always Tommorrow” and there were those unfortunate deaths of everyone named “Sarah Connor”. This was an audience favourite.

– (9) Tales From The Psyche WardLady Cool sang her new playlist, delivering clever storytelling comedy lyrics direct from her personal Psyche Ward, whilst playing her electric ukulele, generated lots of laughs. With its many superb original songs, we quickly learn about “Dating A Vegan Man”. Her previous show was “Conversations With My Shrink – so many problems so little time”. Lady Cool vividly over-shares, all about her life, love, family, by telling raw honest tales of her psychological battles from the inside of the white walls.

– (10) A Man and his Organ – organ player, Ben Palumbo sang an excellent mash-up of well-remembered french language songs, all whilst playing his accordion. Ben has a classically trained voice, with a unique falsetto extension. Comedy based around the classic French song “Deshabillez Moi” (undress me), and with some help from the audience, and there was unexpected male burlesque, as Ben removed layer upon layer of his clothing, as he talked and sang.

– (11) APPROPRIATELY INAPPROPRIATEThao Thanh Cao delivered dry, self-deprecating and female politically incorrect comedy. Vietnamese born, and originally a boat-person, she delivered perfectly paced, a quite unique and very refreshing female based comedy, and easily got away with discussing sensitive issues, without using decorum and tact. All her detailed explanations created constant, laugh out loud comedy, and her methodology included situation based humour. When you see outdoor public sex, just get up close and ask politely “Do you mind if I watch?”. When your dog eats your school homework, eating the dog prevents a repetition. Her parents live with her, and she keeps her elderly parents under her control by asking them “Do you want to visit the Nursing Home?” Short+Sweet Magic+Comedy Winner of ‘Best Comedy Act 2016’.

– (12) Unsung: The Voices of Rita Hayworth – Rita Hayworth from the Bronx to Hollywood, that everyone always remembers as Gilda, lived a full life with passion and many dramas. Hear the complete range of each of the stunning voices of the many ghost singers, who sang in each movie for non-singer Rita Hayworth, the screen goddess with undeniable sex appeal. Singer Melody Beck, accompanied on the piano by Benjamin Burton, performed many of Rita Hayworth’s well remembered songs.

– (13) BIKE Kay Armstrong in character as BIKE, fabulous cabaret entertainment, Australian Style. Unfortunately she lost her voice, and was unable to perform at the Gala Final.

– (14) Girls On Tap – Stage-filling performance with seven of the best of the best tap dancers performing clever routines with an unexpected fast costume change. This sparkling cast delivered joyful high energy dance routines, which easily won The People’s Choice Award 2016. Cast: Laura Scarfo, Peta Anderson, Siobhan Shibby Parker, Maria Costa, Georgia Shae Anderson, Natasha Window, Sally Hare.

The team of judges had a very difficult task choosing the winners as all the performances had a lot to offer. Here is the published list of winners:-

Best Cabaret Show – Melody Beck in Unsung: The Many Voices of Rita Hayworth

Best Female Performer – Anna Canillas in Dear Diary

Best Male Performer – Ben Palumbo in A Man and his Organ

People’s Choice – Girls On Tap

Professional Encouragement Awards- 

Week One – Martin Charles in False Gods

Week Two – Maddison Hegarty

Week Three – Christian Cavallo in Boy Wizard

Week four – Olivia Cianci in Dirty Martini




SHORT AND SWEET THEATRE 2016 TOP 80 WEEK 5 @ Depot Theatre

01 A Thousand Grain of Sun (1 of 1) 02 Divorce Fantasies (1 of 1) 04 Joanna (1 of 1) 05 Train Lines (1 of 1) 06 Slow DAting (1 of 1) 07 Someone to watch over me (1 of 1) 08 The Dissolution Mask (1 of 1) 09 Chemistry Test (1 of 1)

Production photography by Sylvi Soe, and       displayed in performance order.

Some weird, some strange, but nevertheless this week has nine very entertaining short pieces.

1. A THOUSAND GRAINS OF SUN – Beautifully written dialogue, well cast and perfectly directed drama. Two winter swimmers meet on a beach, each has suffered a recent loss, and gradually discover how very much they have in common. ITC: Bare Bones Theatre, Writer + Director: Judith Duncan, Cast: Lachlan McWilliam (Leon), Penny Berkemeier (Finn)

2. DIVORCE FANTASIES – Comedy at its best, that gets very strange, very quickly. Okay she invited him back to her place, and to be turned on, she needs to relive the anger issues of her divorce. He agrees, then the divorce lawyer arrives, followed by the woman that he had an affair with, and then the child of the marriage tells all. So much went wrong so very quickly, with an unexpected twist at the end, that explains all. Writer: Elena Burger, Director: Guy Verge Wallace, Cast: Alannah Robertson (Avery), Challito Browne (Adam), Luke Davis (Craig), Stephanie Beck (Marcia), Hannah Pembroke (Celia – the child). Continue reading SHORT AND SWEET THEATRE 2016 TOP 80 WEEK 5 @ Depot Theatre


01 The Perfect Independent Film 02 The Shoebox 03 Burn Out 04 The Pitch 06 Slip Davey's Lucky Dip Part 1 06 Slip Davey's Lucky Dip Part 2 07 It Hurts More When You Talk 08 The Final Countdown 09 Match Play 10 Let Them Eat Cake

Production photography by Sylvi Soe, and displayed in performance order.

This is week four of the biggest little play festival in the world. 2016 is the fifteenth year of SHORT+SWEET THEATRE SYDNEY, with the plays running from Wednesdays to Sundays until the Gala Final on the 13th March.

Week 4 featured ten entertaining performances.



00 mc - Brendan Hay - CRUELLO DE VIL 02 Tamarind Elkin-1 03 Debbie Neilson-1 04 Alison Eaton Imperfectly Perfect-1 05 Coral Mercer- Jones-1 06 Kay Armstrong-1

This is the final week of Sydney’s Biggest Little Cabaret Festival, with a brand new round of performances. The winners will go on to perform in the Gala Final to be held at 7pm on Sunday 7th February at the inner city venue Slide Lounge located at 41 Oxford Street.

Week 4 saw a great assortment of talent on stage. Emcee was the witty Cruello De Vil. In under 95 minutes, six superb ten minute performances were presented, with it being very difficult to pick the performance that will go through.

There was a good array of cabaret styles on display including female burlesque, cover songs, and songs with new comic lyrics.


This starred Miss Bellissima who first appeared wearing a beautiful black mirror-sequined gown, delivered a classic burlesque routine that showed her flexibility as slowly layer upon layer of clothing was peeled away from her slender body. Performed to Shirley Bassey singing Diamonds Are Forever from The Remix Album. Next she swam and danced on top of a gigantic martini glass, followed by opening a bottle of champagne, gently poured all over her body. A dripping wet crowd pleaser.                         Continue reading SHORT AND SWEET CABARET 2016 WEEK 4 @ NEW THEATRE


00 suzie-1 01 Adam Axford-1 02 Di Barkas-1 03 Conway Restom-1 04 Alex AND Tash-1 05 Thao Thanh Cao-1 06 Legless-1 07 Bob Deacon-1 08 Adam Milgate-1 09 Victor Lee-1 10 billy D'Arcy-1 11 Cardistry-1

Production photography by Sylvi Soe has been displayed in order of performance.

This review relates to the second week of the Short and Sweet Comedy and Magic Festival held at the New Theatre on Sunday 25th January.

The very entertaining Suzie Q, was the excellent Master of Ceremonies. Suzie Q is a world champion pole dancer (currently ranked third in the world in pairs pole), a finalist on Australia’s Got Talent and a former Miss Nude Australia and Penthouse Pet. She was very excited to appear onstage fully dressed!

1. ADAM AXFORD spoke in fluent rhyme, and provided elements of alchemy and shamanism via the art of magic. East London born and raised, via a random audience member and using the magical power of persuasion, Adam correctly predicted that at the end of his magical performance, there would be: peace, love, magic. Clever magic at its best. Continue reading SHORT AND SWEET COMEDY+MAGIC 2016 WEEK 2 @ NEW THEATRE

SHORT AND SWEET THEATRE 2016 TOP 80 WEEK 3 @ Depot Theatre

This was  an excellent week featuring nine entertaining performances.

1 The Blood of a Thousand Chickens


This was a re-imagined epic classical Greek historical comedy with even Socrates getting a mention. Historically inaccurate. Oedipus discovers that offering the Gods the blood of a thousands of chickens and goats did not end the drought. What will the next sacrifice be?

Writer: James Hutchison, Director: Glen Pead, Cast: Nathan Bennett (Oedipus), Keira Bird (Jocasta), Sebastian Lopez (Phallus), Warren Paul Glover (Cretin & The Oracle), Nicole Carney (Penurious).

2 Everything


This was an excellent drama set in an abortion clinic, as a young girl thinks through her very tough decision to end the life of her baby. Her mother arrives, and with her arrival a brand new set of viewpoints come to the fore.

Writer: Sherry Harvey, Director: Debbie Neilson, Cast: Madeline Beukers (GIRL), Conor Fogarty (BOY), Catherine Davies (Nurse), Pamela Rome (MUM).

3 Take Two


Angela Gibson stars as the Teacher, in a comic monologue, again and again another question is asked, then answered twice. Initially a very very huge lie is told, and then the actual truth is detailed at length. With a unique twist, this delightful comedy, was an audience favourite. ITC: Savage Servants, Writer: Natalie Banach, Director: Cheryl Butler.

4 The Unexpected


Katie Fairbrother plays Lisa, the Mother and Bridget Durkin is Jeannie, the daughter in THE UNEXPECTED. Both have important news, but their long unresolved mother/daughter issues constantly get in the way in this situation drama, which struck an all too familiar chord with many women in the audience. This poignant comedy drew well deserved applause. Writer: Greg Gould, Director: Adam Grubner.

5 The Goon


These two goons are never ever supposed to kill the comic book hero. Super heroes comedy ensues as the goons try to cover up the murder. The remaining comic book villain (Mister Baby Chicken) is only supposed to die at the end, in a moment of supreme poignancy. Once you change the reality of the comic book world, what else can go wrong? With perfect cast and direction, this was another audience favourite, with constant laughter. ITC: The Monologue Project, Writer + Director: Pete Malicki, Cast: Mark Longhurst (Gary), Ryan Bown (Blarney), Matt Steel (Main Bad Guy – Mr. Poulette).

6 Doctors Orders


In this fictional future, two doctors repeatedly try to get their brand new patient to willingly end his life via assisted suicide. The situation was somewhat reminiscent of the 1973 movie,  SOYLENT GREEN. In the end, will the doctors decide that this patient is wasting their time and money? The piece was expertly directed, very well cast comedy, was another crowd pleaser. ITC: Blackbox Productions, Writer: Tom Peach, Director: Luke Berman, Cast: Bradley Ward (Dr Smith), Sam Lovell (Dr Armand), Alexander Cuff (Joe Simpson).

7 Baby Blues


This piece saw Ruth Pieloor (Mother and Baby Puppet) perform delightful comic puppetry. The situation involved a clever but very unhappy baby  discussing her very over protective mother whilst being fed, burping, crying and pooping. At length  the baby discussed her dissatisfaction with modern-day parenting practises. The piece easily pulled at the heart strings of the audience, and generated laughter and applause. The only criticism was the swearing which added nothing to the performance.  ITC: Ruth Pieloor, Writer + Director: Shelly Higgs.



France 1917, the truth finally comes out when two brothers are about to die, just before going ‘over the top’ at the Battle of Passchendaele. The already telegraphed secret is finally delivered near the end, but there is more…Soldiers shirking their duty (cowards) are always immediately killed with friendly fire. ITC + Writer + Director: Warren Paul Glover, Cast: Richard Littlehales (William), Leon Joseph (Humphrey), Daniel Pollock (Tom), Mark Fowler (Charlie).

9 Red Eye to Bangkok


Comedy mayhem before the aircraft takes off, so how many phobias can one woman passenger have? There is no escape, from the nightmare departure scenario, that gets funnier by the second. Received well deserved applause from an appreciative audience. ITC: Crash Test Drama Cronulla, Writer + Director: Susan Turner, Cast: Toasty d’Bechamel (Brad), Melissa Myles (Jeanie), Haki Crisden (Omar)

SHORT AND SWEET THEATRE 2016 Top 80 Week Three,is playing at the Depot Theatre, 142 Addison Road, Marrickville until Sunday 24 January 2016.

Production photography by Stephen Favaloro, and photos displayed in performance order.


00 Brandy Alexander-1 01 Olivia Farag-1 02 Alexandra Chambers-1 03 Anton Johannssen-1 04 Dallas Saliba -1 05 Melody Beck-1 06 Anna Canillas-1 07 Christian Cavallo-1

Short and Sweet Cabaret week three had a superb assortment of talent on stage, including emcee, Miss Brandy Alexander.

This week had a huge range of cabaret style songs, including female burlesque, cabaret pole-dancing, farce, comic puppetry, and cover songs with brand new lyrics.

In under 110 minutes, seven superb ten minute performances were presented from Wednesday night, and with all this impressive talent, every performer could have been a winner.

 1.  I Just Want to be a Woman 

This starred Ebony performing cabaret styled pole dancing. Very flexible and high energy too. Her spectacular choreographed routines were a crowd pleaser. Continue reading SHORT AND SWEET CABARET 2016 WEEK 3 @ NEW THEATRE


01 Alex Moffat-1

02 Dudley Levell-1

03 Adrian Dean-1

04 CJ Delling-1

05 Daniel Muggleton-1

06 Andrew Boyd-1

07 moony-d-1

08 Makedonka Stoilova-1

09 Dale Trueman-1

10 Timothy Hyde-1

11 Rob Andrews-1

Pics all by Sylvi Soe, and displayed in performance order.

Sydney’s Biggest Little Cabaret Festival is back, and now with two brand new side festival events with COMEDY+MAGIC performers every week, for just two Sundays during January 2016. Presenting the best in COMEDY+MAGIC including Australia’s best magicians, with each of the eleven performances delivered in under ten minutes.

Talented Australian magician and all round entertainer, Adam Mada, was the excellent Master of Ceremonies this week.  Adam is the associate producer for the Short and Sweet Festival for the Comedy + Magic Season in January as part of the 2016 Short+Sweet festival.


With delightful English Gentleman patter, Alex Moffat’s magic relies on your prior magic knowledge and your immediate expectations and mis-direction. This is Award-winning sleight of hand with just one deck of cards, six cards randomly chosen by audience and not seen by the magician, whilst one card was signed and seen by all, and then all the cards were put back. Heavily cut and heavily shuffled, by using magic, Alex correctly presented each of the six cards to the six audience members.



01 A Good Egg 02 The Genesis Project 03 Walked Over 04 Broken 05 Tea Time 06 The Piece Keeper 07 The Turnaround 08 Wiped Out

All pics by Stephen Favaloro and are displayed in the sequence of plays performed. Featured pic- The cast of THE PIECE KEEPER.


(1) A GOOD EGG is an unpredictable comedy, with the lead immaculately costumed as the best dressed rooster in Sydney. Lonely hearts meet via online dating, very clever dialogue, but you will never ever guess who actually gets who?

DIRECTOR: Shannan Ely, WRITER: Mark Konik

(2) THE GENESIS PROJECT– Comedy about the first day of the creation of the world, as four angels carry out god’s instructions. However very disappointing, because just when the audience is getting into the story, it ends.

DIRECTOR: Henrietta Stathopolous, WRITER: Christian Simonsen

(3) WALKED OVER – As the drama of the story unfolds, we are drawn ever deeper into the lives of the couple, and perhaps our sympathies are with one more than the other. Perhaps the truth is something completely different?

DIRECTOR: Tom Richards WRITER: Graham Yates ITC: Crash Test Drama Sydney

 (4) BROKEN has two political prisoners, tortured, beaten and then thrown together. But who is betraying who, and what will one do to save their family. A very impressive script, with powerful performances.

DIRECTOR: Bass Hathaway WRITER: James McLindon

(5) TEA TIME – pulled at the heart strings of the audience, with a truly outstanding performance by Sandra Bass. Just a beautifully simple and elegant script, expertly directed. Gentle repetition of “cup of tea?” heightened the plight of an elderly couple, both with dementia. Poignant comedy garnered applause, plus oooos and arrrrs from the audience.

DIRECTOR: Debbie Smith WRITER: Debbie Smith

(6) THE PIECE KEEPER female hoarder loses or does she take, everything, by deliberately choosing her own life journey.

DIRECTOR: Felicity Burke WRITER: Pheona Mulligan ITC: Crash Test Drama Sydney

(7) THE TURNAROUND – clever political satire, as the sleazy politician becomes the fixer of a terrible mistake that he made with a staffer.

DIRECTOR: Terry Meller WRITER: David Vazdauskas

(8) WIPED OUT – drama monologue. A woman’s life is wiped out, as we come to understand why she is in her present position. An extremely revengeful ending.

DIRECTOR: Stephen Carnell WRITER: Robert Renshaw ITC: Actors Anonymous Inc

 (9) ON THE BUS has a large cast, some under-utilised, which brings to life the stories of each character. All are now little more than shells of their former selves.

DIRECTOR: Mary D’Alton WRITER: Gillian Brennan ITC: Crash Test Drama Bundanoon

(10) WHO WANTS TO BE A CHANNEL NINE INTERN?! – A laugh out loud comedy, with a truly outstanding performance by Davey Reynolds as “Bryan from HR” as the interviewer. Job interview that immediately turns into a rigged television game show, including a weird “phone a friend”. The question is who actually wins the game? With a very witty script, this was the crowd pleaser of the night.

DIRECTOR: Dave Reynolds WRITER: Chris Heaslip ITC: SlipDavey.

SHORT AND SWEET THEATRE 2016 Top80 week two, runs from Wednesday 13 January 2016 to Sunday 17 January 2016 at the Depot Theatre, 142 Addison Road, Marrickville


Inset pic- Angela Lumicisi sings the songs of Karen Carpenter in WE'VE ONLY JUST BEGUN. Featured pic- Ben Palumbo sings a collection of French songs accompanied by his accordion. Pics by Slyvi Soe.
Inset pic- Angela Lumicisi sings the songs of Karen Carpenter in WE’VE ONLY JUST BEGUN. Featured pic- Ben Palumbo sings a collection of French songs accompanied by his accordion. Pics by Slyvi Soe.

Sydney’s Biggest Little Cabaret Festival is back, with a brand new round of performers every week, for four weeks during January, and ending with a Gala Final on 7th February.

Short and Sweet Cabaret Week Two had a superb assortment of talent on stage, with a huge range of cabaret style songs, including female burlesque, farce and comedy, dance and musical theatre. In under 100 minutes, seven superb ten minute performances were presented and with all the impressive talent, it was almost impossible to pick the winner.

(1) DRAG IN THE FOLK- starring Daniele Gianotti and the Dusha Balkana Dance Ensemble. Well costumed extravaganza as a bearded drag queen lip-synced an amazing octave range of songs, with comedic support by the one person dance ensemble.




All pics by Stephen Favaloro and in the correct sequence of the ten plays. 

The biggest little play festival in the world is back for its fifteenth year, and now also has free car parking. Expect to see up to 160 ten minute plays across the eight weeks, with a Gala Final in March. SHORT+SWEET THEATRE SYDNEY this year, runs Wednesdays to Sundays, from 6 January 2016 to 13 March 2016.  This is a very entertaining week, with ten wonderful plays, and very hard to pick the winner this week.



Kay Armstrong

01 Nata Forte LR-10 02 Songs for Sarah Connor LR-16 03 Being Betty LR-1 04 Martin Charles - False Gods-1 05 Carolyn Burke - Get the Love You Deserve-1 06 Girls on Tap-1

One of the highlights between each ten minute cabaret act, was the gorgeous Kay Armstrong as the MC. Armstrong contributed plenty of audience participation, great one liners, and some corny jokes, plus one crazy ballet number. All very entertaining and well worth seeing. Later in January, Kay Armstrong is also bringing her one woman show to Short and Sweet Cabaret 2016.

Sydney’s Biggest Little Cabaret Festival is back, with a brand new round of performers every week, for four weeks during January. Short and Sweet Cabaret has a new festival director this year, James Taylor (Royal Ballet London, The Magician’s Cabaret, El Circo, Risque Revue).

In under ninety minutes, six superb ten minute performances were presented from 7:30pm on Tuesday night. This week a unique and very entertaining evening of brand new cabaret was experienced, with a huge range of cabaret style songs, including comedy, dance and musical theatre. With so much talent on stage this week, very very hard to pick the winner.   Continue reading SHORT AND SWEET CABARET 2016 WEEK ONE SYDNEY



S S Awards by Geoff Sirmai_0052 Award winners low res

This year Short+Sweet Sydney staged 156 ten minute plays, during January and February. This year I had the opportunity to see almost every play. Wow an almost perfect selection of the best of the best winners from each week of the festival, and these thirteen wonderful plays were the Gala Finalists for Short+Sweet Sydney 20th March 2015 at the Factory Theatre, Marrickville.

The Gala Final presented a very entertaining evening with minimalist sets/staging. Rapid paced delivery of each of those very clever scripts, provided a full and quite varied range of believable performances from a superb cast of great actors, all directed with unique visions. Continue reading SHORT+SWEET SYDNEY 2015 GALA FINAL

SHORT+SWEET- People’s Choice Showcase @ The Fusebox

The cast from Upper Crass Theatre Company’s production of Rachel Welch’s SO SAYS THE SEA

This week at Short and Sweet is the People’s Choice Showcase Week, and has seen some great work:-


Cleverly delivered message, where three of four people have the strongest reasons to cancel their facebook accounts, and re-join the real world where couples keep their secrets.

Writer: Russell Bell

Director: Steven Tait

Cast: Jack Douglas (Man), Ally O’Brien (Woman), Mark Longhurst (Waiter). Continue reading SHORT+SWEET- People’s Choice Showcase @ The Fusebox


Inset pic- Brett Heath in his quirky one man solo piece EVELYN. Featured pic- A scene from God The Performance Review. Pics by Sylvi Soe

Short and Sweet Theatre Sydney is the largest festival of ten minute plays in the world. Now in its 14th year, the festival takes place over a period of two months starting in January each year, with over 160 brand new scripts by Australian and international writers, are performed during the festival. Ten brand new plays this week:-


Many many years after both Facebook and Youtube became unfashionable, two parents are in conversation with their now thirteen year old child, giving him the ultimate birthday gift, finally showing him his life so far, that all the photos and videos of the child’s whole life have been sold to the internet.

Writer: Brandon Crose

Director: Christine Wykes

Cast: Max Mulvenney (child), Tom Rose (Father), Katherine Babatzanis (Mother)


Brian is 42 and wants to be married to the perfect woman, silent and obedient. He travels far to buy an obedient wife, but has he chosen wisely or unwisely? Unexpected outcomes and twists.

Writer: Joy Roberts

Director: Glen Pead

ITC: Improvising Change

Cast: James Belfrage (Brian), Katharine Marie Richardson (Oksana), Joanna Kedziora (Luba/Katie). Continue reading SHORT+SWEET THEATRE WEEK 3 TOP 80

Short and Sweet 2015 Top 80 Week 2

Diley Alanca and Lyndsey Fay McNaught in Renee Boyer- Willisson's ENCOUNTER
Inset Pic- Diley Alanca and Lyndsey Fay McNaught in Renee Boyer- Willisson’s ENCOUNTER. Featured Pic- Maddy Stedman, Aleks Mikic, Petrie Porter and Alex Cubis in SO SAYS THE SEA. Pic by Sylvi Soe

One of the most appealing aspects of the Short and Sweet Festival, a celebration of the ten minute play form, is the variety of subjects that the playwrights explore every week, and the different approaches that they take. Some productions are more successful than others, and as theatregoers we are simply able to tune out of the plays that don’t take our fancy, in the confidence that there will at-least be some plays that will strike a chord and bring rewards.

Play 1. The Least Impossible Thing That Happened This Evening

Matthew Friedman displayed some nice touches in his self devised, directed and performed piece exploring a young man’s quest for love and the turbulent emotions surrounding it. Friedman choose a light touch in his exploration. Continue reading Short and Sweet 2015 Top 80 Week 2

Short and Sweet Top 80 Week 1 @ The New

David Hov, Dana Heatley and Luca Bale in Carol Dance's THE PHOTOGRAPH
David Hov, Dana Heatley and Luca Bale in Carol Dance’s THE PHOTOGRAPH. Pics by Sylvi Soe

Now into its fourteenth year, Short+Sweet Theatre is set to provide yet again an exciting array of plays from different writers, directors and actors – both experienced and new. This year over 160 new scripts will be performed at two venues. As in previous years the festival is divided into two divisions, Top 80 and Wildcards. Showcasing twenty different plays across these two programs each week the only requirement is the plays be  10 minutes or less.

Week One Top 80 was a highly entertaining evening with a good mix of strong scripts.

The program started with Something To Tell You written by Ashleigh Stathakis and directed by Victoria Vinson. With Isabella Rodriguez as Clare, Susan Geldart as Brenda and David Hines as Robert, a daughter has something important to tell her parents and they in turn have secrets of their own. This comedy focuses on how important it is to ‘put it out there’. Continue reading Short and Sweet Top 80 Week 1 @ The New


Team THERAPIST receiving their People’s Choice Award from Chris Puplick. Pic Michael Kery

The Short + Sweet Theatre and Variety Gala Finals took place on the 21st and 22nd March at the York Theatre, Seymour Centre. These events showcased the best sixteen plays and the best seven cabaret and dance pieces from the 2014 Short + Sweet season. As an audience member I was privileged to enjoy performances from a very talented group of writers, directors and actors. Two very enjoyable nights at the theatre!

There were so many truly great performances; it is difficult to pick my favourite. I had seen several pieces earlier in the competition, but because of the different performance space it was a different theatrical experience.



A scene from THE SOUND OF YOUR OWN VOICE. Pic Sylvi Soe

Last night I attended the People’s Choice Showcase of the Short & Sweet Theatre Festival, which comprised performances of the plays chosen by audiences from the past eight weeks. As expected, the showcase was an entertaining, often heart-warming collection. Were there any hard-hitting, biting, truly cathartic moments? No – but you don’t need that every time you go the theatre! Sometimes, it is truly enough that the audience is thoroughly entertained!