Beechworth XII by Robert Klein-Boonschate

Robert Klein-Boonschate‘s latest exhibition BEECHWORTH will open February 20th  at the Frances Keevil Gallery.

This exhibition of large oil paintings and drawings are from the country of the Dugion people near Beechworth.  Paintings of the mosses and lichen-covered boulders, pines and gum trees. These impressive works reveal the complex interplay of the micro and macro realities in nature where energy seems limitless and each moment explores all possibility.

The exhibition runs 20th February to 11th March with a Meet the Artist event Tuesday 20th February, 6 – 8pm.

Frances Keevil Gallery [Facebook]
3-6 Bay Village,
28-34 Cross Street
Double Bay NSW 2028
Ph: 02 9327 2475 info@franceskeevilgallery.com.au
GALLERY HOURS: Tues to Sat 10 – 5 Sun 11 – 4 Mon Closed


This image: Wang Lifeng, Ji-6, mixed media on paper, 2015-2017, 38x65cm                                Banner image: Wang Lifeng, Ji-5, mixed media on paper, 2015-2017, 65x114cm

Opening 14 February 2018, Vermilion Art  [Facebook] presents the first exhibition of the year, a solo exhibition by Beijing-based artist Wang LifengARCHIVES OF LONGING Continue reading WANG LIFENG: ARCHIVES OF LONGING – CURATED BY GUAN WEI


This image: resin sculptural work by Melbourne artist Kate Rohde                                                                Banner image: Sydney Ball, Canto IX, 2003, screenprint

Home@735 Gallery’s Art Month exhibition titled ‘Colour & Form’ will feature wall works and objects by a stellar line-up of Australian artists including Sydney Ball, Tomislav Nikolic, Angela Brennan, Jonny Niesche, Sean Meilak and Louise Tuckwell. Continue reading COLOUR AND FORM AT HOME@735 GALLERY


This image: METASTATIC Bec Litvan
Banner image: SOLNUSHKAH Bec Litvan

The new exhibition at 107 Projects, Redfern is PRIMA BELLA by  Sydney artist Bec Litvan.

For Litvan, her mother is her sole inspiration. Diagnosed with a rare form of breast cancer, Bec’s mother underwent a double mastectomy, 26 rounds of chemotherapy and 29 sessions of radiotherapy before finally being declared clear of the disease.

With her mother’s mastectomy bras as a canvas, Litvan began to create sculptures that celebrated the scars and landscapes of a cancer-ravaged body. Her art practice grew from there.

“The fact that there’s a chance that my work could help [my mum’s] self confidence totally validates my art making,” says Litvan who will also be conducting an Art Making Workshop with curator Jackie Terrett .

Bec Litvan’s  exhibition, PRIMA BELLA, is at 107 Projects: Window Box and there is a fantastic in-depth interview with the artist at their blog. 


Mami Kataoka :Artistic Director of 21st Biennale of Sydney
Image: Daniel Boud

Japanese theatre director Akira Takayama invites Sydney residents to perform a song or poem that was taught to them by their ancestors handed down through generations and across geographies, on the stage of Centennial Hall in Sydney Town Hall (pictured) on 28 January 2018. The song or poem can be in any language, no prior auditions or rehearsals are required, and participants of all abilities are invited to take part. Continue reading SYDNEYSIDERS INVITED TO SING THEIR HERITAGE


This image: Benjamin Silver, Bowral High School Transmigration (detail) Banner image: Kaitlin Smith. St Josephs Regional College. Dead in the Water – Shelving the Plans for The Great Barrier Reef

ARTEXPRESS is one of the Art Gallery of NSW’s most popular annual exhibitions, showcasing outstanding student artworks created by NSW students for the 2017 Higher School Certificate Visual Arts examination. Continue reading ART EXPRESS 2018


Image Above: Horizons 3 by Annabel Butler. Banner Image: Windows to the Sea 4 by Annabel Butler Photographs: Annabel Butler

Froghollow Studios has a long history as a studio for artists in the inner city area of Sydney. Originating near the infamous Frog Hollow Reserve in Surry Hills, it moved to a larger space on William Street in 2000. Smaller in size now, it is one of the few remaining artist studio spaces in the inner city that provides traditional atelier spaces in contrast to the rapid rise of desk-based co-working spaces.  The exhibition will celebrate the longevity of  Froghollow. Continue reading FROG HOLLOW STUDIOS: ANNUAL EXHIBITION


THE LADY AND THE UNICORN  tapestry series is one of the greatest surviving textiles from the European Middle Ages; a rare masterpiece of French art. Travelling for only the third time outside France since the series was designed in Paris circa 1500, the six magnificent tapestries can be viewed exclusively at the Art Gallery of New South Wales in Sydney in 2018.   10 Feb – 24 Jun 2018



This Image: DEAD FISH – Hell Pixie and Snapper Colour Photograph by David Porteous     Banner Image: SHIPWRECKED Framed Print by Digital Artist Carolyn Kenrick

Artists4.life 2017 is a Group Art Exhibition giving both emerging and established Australian Artists exposure to new audiences, whilst also raising money for humanitarian aid.

Artists4.life is raising funds for Médecins Sans Frontières, the world’s leading independent organisation for medical humanitarian aid.

The Corner Gallery, Stanmore  is on the Corner Percival and Myrtle Street Stanmore Continue reading ARTISTS 4. LIFE: NEW EXHIBITION

Through a glass, darkly

Objects from THROUGH A GLASS DARKLY : Emilio Cresciani  at gaffa 

Spaghetti junctions, highways and roads. They connect people and products. They cut new paths through cities, suburbs and the bush, bringing consumers and consumables together.

‘THROUGH A GLASS DARKLY’ is an exhibition of works by Emilio Crescani in which he uses an aspect of western Sydney car culture, recycling car yards, to highlight environmental issues.

A Blacktown car recycling yard houses hundreds of smashed cars, row upon row. Their bonnets up, car-lovers stroll through the space to purchase spare engine parts. Of course the windscreens are one component that cannot be reused.

As I cut them out from the cars the safety glass stayed intact and I realised the interesting patterns look like street networks seen from above.”

This series continues my exploration of redundancy, waste and urban change. My interest is in objects, structures and the urban landscape, and in particular the increasing number of ‘non-places’ that fill our environment. Beauty is found in these places and products of repulsion, neglect or obsolescence.”

THROUGH A GLASS DARKLY is at gaff ( 281 Clarence Street, Sydney) until December 4.   For more information visit:


British Museum Presents : Hokusai : After The Great Wave


This latest film as part of the British Museum Presents/strong> series is a fascinating look at the life and times of Katsushika Hokusai , who is often regarded as Japan’s greatest artist , in the exhibition that was in London at the British Museum May 25 – August 13 2017. Continue reading British Museum Presents : Hokusai : After The Great Wave


Design exhibition exclusive to Powerhouse Museum
The Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences (MAAS) will open a major contemporary design exhibition on 2 March 2018 to celebrate the 20th SYDNEY DESIGN FESTIVAL  Curated by and exclusive to the Powerhouse Museum, Sydney, COMMON GOOD explores design trends in Australia and neighbouring regions and the positive design-lead responses to social, ethical and environmental challenges.
“Design practice is constantly evolving, reacting to the challenges of its time. With COMMON GOOD we examine the place of ground-breaking designers from our region in shaping solutions for our future society,” said MAAS Director and CEO, Dolla Merrillees.
MAAS is pleased to be working with a new generation of socially-engaged designers from Australia and Asia, to both display and acquire works through this exhibition.”
“The Asia-Pacific is our creative commons. This exhibition is an opportunity to broaden our lens to explore the work and practices of a new generation of designers who are boldly taking action to affect positive change and influence long-term sustainability in our region,” said exhibition curator, Keinton Butler.
COMMON GOOD  surveys contemporary design practices from Australia and the Asia-Pacific. Designers from a range of disciplines and countries are profiled, including leading international designers and architects NendoStudio SwineBijoy JainJo NagasakaKwangho Lee and WOHA, as well as globally recognised local designers Ken WongLucy McRae and Henry Wilson.
The exhibition is framed by five themes that address increasingly complex challenges including housing affordability, waste management, population pressures and technological obsessions. 
Life Cycles explores emerging sustainable design practices in a reference library of design materials, including those made from industrial and agricultural waste. Award-winning Japanese designers AMAM demonstrate how algae and agar bio-materials can be used in packaging that could ultimately replace non-biodegradable plastics. The Life Cycles resource library will be made available during and beyond the exhibition, contributing to the education of emerging designers. 
AMAM research shell waste in Ishinomak
 Return to Craft profiles contemporary designers preserving cultural heritage through collaborative projects with artisans, craftspeople and manufacturers. Crafts such as woodworking, enamelware, ceramics and weaving are being given new relevance when worked by technologically driven designers. For instance, South Korean designer Kwangho Lee is reviving the ancient practice of Ott-chil high-gloss lacquering in projects such as the New Armor stool. Such projects bring fresh attention to otherwise forgotten traditions and can contribute to the survival of centuries-old crafts.
Kwangho Lee
 Connected Experiences demonstrate the ability of technology to generate social awareness and influence personal behaviour. In an exclusive commission for MAAS called Watermelon Sugar Wellness Lab, graphic designer and visual artist Pamm Hong invites you into an immersive installation where your online behaviour is transformed into a personalized virtual organism, providing a health check on your digital engagement habits.
Community Engagement explores projects that address social integration and poverty in the face of rapid urbanisation as well as international development initiatives and fully integrated, collaborative design concepts.
Design Fictions considers the role of the designer in shaping our future. Through their speculative and critical design projects, designers are questioning and debating the possible social implications of our scientific and technological developments, through carefully staged fictional scenarios. The Rare Earthenware project by Unknown Fields is the result of an expedition to Inner Mongolia, in which toxic mud was taken from a radioactive rare earth tailings lake and used to craft a set of ceramic vessels into the shape of highly valuable and recognisable Ming dynasty porcelain vases. Each vessel is sized in relation to the amount of waste created in the production of three items of technology: a smartphone, a laptop and an electric car battery cell. Such projects shape our patterns of excessive consumption and waste into powerful statements.


Unknown Fields
Picture: Toby Smith
COMMON GOOD opens as part of the Sydney Design Festival, an annual celebration of design with over 100 events at venues across Sydney from 2 – 11 March 2018.
For more infomation about COMMON GOOD or the 2018 SYDNEY DESIGN FESTIVAL visit



Artist Kristen Howarth is inviting art lovers to her first exhibition entitled FEARLESS.

This exhibition is a collection of my work in various shapes, sizes in acrylics and mixed media. The artworks have evolved during my journey to break through the fears that have held her back in life.

Kristen would love people to attend her exhibition and share in her journey. She sees fear as being the one thing that stops people  stops people from attempting things.  To step into the fear and try new things is to change the course and therefore the outcome but that can mean you need to get out of your comfort zone you need to be brave. Continue reading KRISTEN HOWARTH AND BREAKING THROUGH FEAR WITH ART

Vermilion Art: Under the Same Moon

At the salon reading, mixed media on canvas by Yunn Ru

UNDER THE SAME MOON is a group exhibition from Yunn Ru, Ava Wang, Charlotte Lin, Chu Fan, Lin Ling, Man Chien

It is an exhibition of selected art works that highlight six international contemporary artists from different creative backgrounds. It  showcases lively and experimental works ranging from couture garment to artisan paper. It is a celebration of the rich diversity and authenticity of works across different media, all created under the same moon.

Curated by established fashion model and self-taught artist Yunn Ru Soo, UNDER THE SAME MOON features eclectic pieces drawn from the diverse and complementary fields of fashion and design. “Assembling a collection of works from people who don’t consider fine art to be their primary occupation will definitely throw a big question out there. We want this exhibition to provoke our viewers by challenging our thoughts on how society perceives the identity of an artist.”

The exhibition covers six emerging artists who are established in their existing careers. Ava Wang, a brand manager from Taiwan, showcases inspiring calligraphy touched by the evolution of time and its influence on the style of Chinese words. Lin Ling, a Hong Kong graphic designer shares her redemption of individuality through the art of jewelry-making. Whilst Charlotte Lin, a final year fine art student from UNSW reveals her surroundings through her own personal observations on one another.

Chu Fan, Man Chien, and Yunn Ru are connected by a shared interest in fashion and the visual fusion of creativity and reality. Coming from the same country, they prove that their artistic practice is not a fad, but the pursuit of personal redemption.
Chu Fan’s fascination with the idea of seeing the world in a grain of sand reflects his view on how the beauty of nature and the universe is often found in small details, much like his profession as a make-up artist.

Yunn Ru began painting as a way of dealing with loneliness and self-exploration during her nomadic period as an international fashion/commercial model. Her works shows a wildly imaginative range in storytelling through colors. Man Chien, from an industrial design background, brings art to life by enlivening garments to combine romantic sentiments with chic design.

This exhibition will include new acrylic series by both Chu Fan and Charlotte Lin; calligraphy and ink works by Ava Wang; a vibrant series of abstract paintings by Yunn Ru Soo; jewelry works by Lin Ling and haute couture art by Man Chien.

The show will be on view from Thursday 23 Nov until Saturday 23 Dec at Vermilion Art 5/16 Hickson Rd, Walsh Bay, 2205, NSW

Opening hours: 11am – 7pm  Wednesday to Saturday.

23 Nov / 6.30pm

For more about Vermilion Art: Under the Same Moon Exhibition, visit http://www.vermilionart.com.au
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Video Drama – Nordacious Art Show

Be kind, rewind, and step back into the chaotic, tragic and cheeky world of Muriel Heslop.

VIDEO DRAMA, an art exhibition by Nordacious, brings together highly-detailed pointillism portraiture with striking digital brush to create artworks that capture memorable moments from this quintessentially Australian film, and a deeper look into the mind of its heroine.

Coinciding with the highly-anticipated premiere of the Muriel’s Wedding Musical, VIDEO DRAMA will include new additions to the series, an immersive video instillation, and plenty of Abba!

All are welcome to attend the exhibition’s opening night at 6 pm on Friday 10th November at Muse, a  creative  New York City style loft event space in the heart of Darlinghurst. Muse is located at 155 Little Oxford Street, Darlinghurst.

VIDEO DRAMA will run all weekend, concludes Sunday 12 November at 5pm. Admission is free!

For more about Video Drama – Nordacious Art Show, visit http://www.nordacious.com/
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Rembrandt and the Dutch Golden Age: masterpieces from the Rijksmuseum

Experience the first major exhibition in Sydney of the great Dutch painters of the 17th century, Rembrandt and the Dutch Golden Age: masterpieces from the Rijksmuseum at the Art Gallery of NSW.

Drawn from the Rijksmuseum, the renowned national collection of the Netherlands, the exhibition comprises 78 exceptional works of art. Immerse yourself in intense portraits, dramatic seascapes, tranquil scenes of domestic life and careful studies of fruit and flowers.

Highlights include a rare painting by Vermeer and a room dedicated to Rembrandt – one of the greatest minds in the history of art.

The exhibition forms part of the Sydney International Art Series 2017-2018, bringing the world’s most outstanding exhibitions exclusively to the Art Gallery or NSW and MCA, every summer.

Purchase a Sydney International Art Pass to see both exhibitions and save 20%: http://www.artpass.com.au

For more information and tickets,  visit http://www.artgallery.nsw.gov.au/exhibitions/rembrandt/

From November 11.

For more about Rembrandt and the Dutch Golden Age: masterpieces from the Rijksmuseum, visit
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Featured Image – Christopher Day’s ‘Pear’.

MASTER OF THREE WORLDS references the storytelling format The Hero’s Journey, also known as the Master of Two Worlds, in which a protagonist is exposed to unexpected hardship and trial and returns to their initial setting having completed a transformative journey, now a master of both the domestic and initially unfamiliar worlds.

The ‘Three Worlds’ in this case relate to artists coming to terms with their initial physical location after development of relationships with new countries and cultures, wrestling with conceptualising work following the influence this may have, and the way in which practice expands and changes over time.

Artists included are Seth Birchall, Christopher Day, Eugene Choi, Mason Kimber, Jason Phu, Tom Polo and Marian Tubbs.

MASTER OF THREE WORLDS is on exhibition at the Coma Gallery, 107 Bayswater Road, Rushcutters Bay until the 10th September.

For more about Master of Three Worlds, visit http://www.comagallery.com
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SOUNDS OF SPACE a free inclusive community event happening at 107, Redfern from 17-27 August 2017 that merges the arts and sciences with two exhibition spaces; a large scale projection room showcasing mind-blowing astrophotography, video and audio recordings from Space, and a curated group show of mixed media works from an exciting collection of Australian artists including disability advocate, Digby Webster and Indigenous artist Karen Lee.

The projection room will feature a rotating program of audio/video works. The first will be a traditional look at the actual electromagnetic resonance recordings from Space and the second will be a look into musical interpretations of the Universe featuring works by Classical composers Holst and Debussy and Contemporary pieces by Australian artists Oliver Tank and WZRDKID and French artist Valentin Stip.

This unique exhibition is geared towards inclusive community engagement hoping to spark joy, discovery and awe that lies in the boundless Space surrounding us.

For more about Sounds of Space, visit http://107.org.au/event/sounds-of-space/
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TYPE: Video projection and group exhibition
WHERE: 107, 107 Redfern st, Redfern NSW
WHEN: 17 Aug 2017 – 27 Aug 2017
COST: Free
HOURS: Tues–Sat 11am–6pm, Sun 11am–4pm
WEBSITE: http://107.org.au/event/sounds-of-space/
FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/SoundsOfSpace2017/
INSTAGRAM: @sounds_of_space

This unique exhibition is geared towards inclusive community engagement hoping to spark joy, discovery and awe that lies in the boundless Space surrounding us.

For more about Sounds of Space, visit http://107.org.au/event/sounds-of-space/
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An offering made in fulfilment of a vow. This exhibition features the paintings and collages of emerging artist Madeleine Cruise.

It is about the role of ritual and habit in everyday life and the way these practices contribute to personal identity and purpose.

Madeleine is a National Art School Graduate currently based in Newcastle NSW.

Venue – Gaffa Art Gallery, 281 Clarence Street, Sydney.

Opening Night 17th August between 6 and 8pm.

Season- Between between the 17th and the 28th August.

For more about Madeleine Cruise – Ex Voto, visit http://www.gaffa.com.au
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Celebrate young Australian talent and get up close and personal with the enchanting entries in the Young Archie competition at the Art Gallery of New South Wales.

Part of the family program for the 96th annual Archibald, Wynne and Sulman Prizes exhibition, the Young Archie competition invites budding artists aged five to 18 to embrace the genre of portraiture, and paint a portrait of someone who is special to them and plays a significant role in their life.

This is the fifth year the family-friendly Young Archie competition has run alongside the Archibald, Wynne and Sulman Prizes and it has become a much-loved annual event for Gallery-goers.


The Young Archie 2017 Exhibition is on display at the Art Gallery of New South Wales from the 29th July to the 22nd October 2017. Admission is free.

For more about Young Archie 2017 Exhibition, visit https://www.artgallery.nsw.gov.au/prizes/young-archie/
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Archibald, Wynne and Sulman Prizes 2017 exhibition

Get up close and personal with the topical, the influential and the sometimes scandalous portraits of the Archibald Prize at the Art Gallery of New South Wales.

The highly anticipated and much loved annual showcase of the who’s who in Australia celebrates its 96th year in 2017.

Competing for the Archibald’s $100,000 prize money, artists from across the country embrace the genre of portraiture, creating works, in the terms of JF Archibald’s will, ‘preferentially of some man or woman distinguished in art, letters, science or politics’. Continue reading Archibald, Wynne and Sulman Prizes 2017 exhibition


The first of its kind for Sydney, The Bayanihan Philippine Art Project is a collaborative multi venue celebration that presents numerous opportunities to discover and explore Filipino art and cultural practice across the city this winter.

The Art Gallery of New South Wales, Blacktown Arts Centre, Campbelltown Arts Centre, Mosman Art Gallery and Peacock Gallery & Auburn Arts Studio, in association with Museums & Galleries NSW, are partnering to present a multi-arts program that celebrates contemporary art and culture of the Philippines and the strong ties that this country has to Australia.

The art of the Philippines has been largely under-represented and under-explored in visual arts programming in many Australian cultural institutions. This project seeks to redress the imbalance and to examine the diversity of contemporary art forms and artists of the Philippines and present them to Australian audiences.

Mosman Art Gallery on Sydney’s North Shore is taking a lead role in the project with its presentation of Halò – an exhibition by internationally acclaimed installation artists, Alfredo Juan Aquilizan and Isabel Gaudinez-Aquilizan, alongside the creative talents of Sydney based multi-media artist, JD Reforma.

Perhaps the most ambitious installation ever to be shown at Mosman, the belly of the Gallery has been filled with a large scale construction that dominates the main exhibition spaces. The Aquilizan’s ‘fleet’ of military-like vessels, amassed and waiting mid-journey and all handmade from ubiquitous cardboard boxes, appears in whole floating between two floor levels. It is a powerful and challenging statement sensitive to the social and complex issues of migration and of the artists’ own personal history and transient experiences.

These much in demand contemporary art practitioners supplement the exhibition with significant works from their own archive reflecting the artist’s practice of recycling materials and works wherever possible.

Taking over the Gallery’s Cube Space and it surrounding walls, is the work of JD Reforma, a young Sydney based artist with Filipino family heritage. Reforma’s layered video works convey aspects of the complex and often violent ways in which American culture has entered the Filipino psyche.

In his digital and popular soundtrack mash-up ‘Coconut Republic’ (2017), five films convey conflict, linked by the fact that each was shot on location in The Philippines but set elsewhere; Filipino jungles and landscapes serving as an aesthetic stand-in.

Reforma also investigates notions of popular culture and the cult of celebrity in his darkly humorous ‘Confidently Beautiful, with a heart’ (2017) a work about the Miss Universe 2015 pageant, at which Miss Philippines Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach was crowned winner. As Reforma notes in the exhibition catalogue: “I think it’s particularly resonant now to revisit and assess this post-Trump institute in the context of a very Trumpian reality.”

A series of special community events and public program is programmed across the city. Halo, a free exhibition, is on show at Mosman Art Gallery until September 11.

Featured photo – A photo showing the entrance to  Mosman Art Gallery, one of Sydney leading suburban galleries.