The Carnival of Lost Souls

Dare to enter the dark and magical world of a 19th century circus as THE CARNIVAL OF LOST SOULS arrives in Sydney after leaving a dizzying path of mystery and mayhem for audiences along the way.

 Nestled somewhere between the madness of a Tim Burton psychosis and the darkness of a David Lynch nightmare, THE CARNIVAL OF LOST SOULS tells the tragic tale of unrequited love & loss set amongst the splendour of a Victorian-era circus.

Featuring some of Australia’s best physical entertainers, musicians & singers, this uniquely original “circus noir” spectacle delivers a twisted bent on the familiar Circus, Musical Theatre and Cabaret stage genres.  Backed by a highly emotive and original live music score by Platonic, audiences are taken on a brooding and mystical journey into the dark heart of a vintage circus fraternity where nothing is as it seems.

Written and produced by Graham Coupland, founder of Australia’s popular GANGSTER’S BALL,THE CARNIVAL OF LOST SOULS is a lavish production that showcases a breathtaking mix of performances from world‐class acrobats, aerial artists, illusionists and carnival characters, all whilst telling a tale of desire and betrayal under the classic Big Top.

Combined with Victorian Gothic and Steampunk-inspired costuming and stage design, a magical world comes alive where the line between life and death, real and unreal, is truly blurred.

THE CARNIVAL OF LOST SOULS will play at the Seymour Centre 16-18 November.  To be in the running to win one of 2 free double passes email your details to using LOST SOULS COMP as the subject by 6pm Thursday November 2nd.  Only winners will be notified.

For details about THE CARNIVAL OF LOST SOULS :




The Australian Brandenburg Orchestra and Circa have reunited for a glorious blend of Baroque music and circus at the City Recital Hall.

The performance was inspired by the Brandenburg’s ARIA Award-winning CD Tapas, which includes plenty of percussion, guitar and theorbo, and lashings of violin bravado, with music by Albéniz, Merula, Murcia, Martinez and more.

The two special guests were Baroque guitarist Stefano Maiorana from Rome and soprano Natasha Wilson from New Zealand making her Australian debut.

Circa’s artistic director Yaron Lifschitz’s choreography astutely blended sensational dazzling solos and breathtaking ensemble routines while always harmonising with the spirit of the music. It was a fluid combination of tumbling, gymnastics, balancing and aerial numbers , in various jaw-dropping sections making you blink and go “ I see it but I don’t believe it“. Dangerous dives, throws and catches were included as well as feats of strength and daring as well as sometimes triple-level human pyramids. Continue reading SPANISH BAROQUE : THE AUSTRALIAN BRANDENBURG ORCHESTRA AND CIRCA @ CITY RECITAL HALL


Ockham’s Razor is a London based performance company who are back for the Sydney Festival. Patrons who saw them in 2014 will have some idea what to expect, though this is a very different show. The philosophical concept Ockham’s Razor is often minimalised to … the simplest answer is probably true. But more interestingly it originally translated as something like … to solve a problem don’t allow too many options. This influential and internationally recognised company have most certainly taken that advice to heart. Continue reading TIPPING POINT @ THE SPAGHETTI CIRCUS BIG TOP PARRAMATTA



The young, fit, highly trained human body is capable of astonishing things.

Circa is a very exciting Brisbane based company.  HUMANS asks what it means to be human. How much weight do we carry? Who can we trust to support our load? It leads us to reflect on our lives, our loved ones, the burdens we carry and the physical and emotional strength it takes to overcome them.

Directed and created by Yaron Lifschitz, HUMANS, performed in the round at the Spaghetti Circus Big Top is a breathtaking combination of acrobatics, contortionism , tumbling, balancing, aerial trapeze, handstands and back flips.

Contact improvistaion, pyramid building, banquine and risley, and hand-to -hand partnering are also featured and strikingly blended with elements of contemporary dance.

At times the audience audibly gasps. There is no real narrative, rather a fluid sequence of various dazzling and surprising interactions combining various finely honed circus skills.

There is much use of haze and the lighting is delicately, warmly vibrant and atmospheric.

The scintillating cast of ten wear a uniform of autumn/russet coloured shorts/leotards and a semi -transparent black top. They wear ankle and/or wrist supports .Some have tattoos,

At the beginning the cast wear casual street clothes and have fun rolling acrobatically twisting in and out of them.

There is a fiercely tender and intimate sense of trust between the cast – some of the lifts, drops, throws ,twists and catches,  let alone the pyramid balancing, are extraordinary.

HUMANS is full of hot and sweaty bodies in explosive, movement , leaping, twisting ,twirling jumping, somersaulting ,precariously balancing , intimately entwined , swooping and swinging from a trapeze , dragged by the hair, sliding across the stage and  forming sculptural poses,

One hilarious sequence that had the audience in rapture was where the cast twisted and bent in almost impossible shapes attempting to lick their elbow. Floating balancing lifts in other sections are contrasted with this A breath, a clap, a bend of the knee,  a beautifully flexed and pointed foot or extended arm are all important .

With astonishing strength, grace, agility and integrity, each moment is seamlessly connected.

The relentless, pulsating soundscape varied from an assortment of popular songs to music theatre standards to techno thump to the sound of a single clap..

The almost hysterical standing ovation at the end was richly deserved.

Running time – 80 minutes without interval.

HUMANS, presented  by Circa, is playing atat the Spaghetti Circus Big Top,  Prince Alfred Square Parramatta up until 19th January.



KALEIDOSCOPE is fast paced,  high-energy exuberant school holiday entertainment, a multi-faceted circus experience, just perfect for a pre-teen audience.

With her young son Ethan Inspiring the creation of this work on stage, Ethan’s mother wrote a book that described stepping into her son’s  world as like, “the joy of walking through shafts of colour and light; like seeing through a dazzling kaleidoscope”.

When four years of age, Ethan Hugh was diagnosed with “Asperger Syndrome”. He is now twelve years old, and he has learned to understand the incredible beauty of his world discovered through touch. With this show you too can view how to enjoy living life through young Ethan’s eyes.

The show features five speech-free silent circus performers on stage with Ethan, with pre-recorded musical accompaniment and with some voice-overs from Ethan.

The five circus performers and Ethan, are seen slowly awakening from sleep on a huge video wall, then they perform tumbling mimed slapstick acrobatics as they start their day and then go to perform somersaults, flips, back-flips, back-bends, bridges, kick-overs, handstands, front-handsprings, back-handsprings, side aerial cartwheels, turning-cartwheels, in short all manner of acrobatics as they each change out of their pajamas and into their street wear.

Two pole-dancing risk-taking gymnasts, climbed the pole all the way to the ceiling, and then spun and dropped down at high speed.

Attached to the rigging, suspended from the ceiling, was a single tab aerial hoop-ring without a hand-loop. The hoop-ring aerialist was lifted by her troupe up to the hoop-ring, and then she delivered an awe-inspiring performance, with elegance strength and power, as she looped climbed spun, creating a clever aerial dance movement experience that regularly gained oohs and aahs from the audience.

A surprising pillow fight, lead to thousands of feathers flying everywhere which was delightfully followed by loud screaming from the boisterous young audience.

Whilst the silk aerialist is seated and playing music on a toy piano, Ethan decides to paint her feet red, and her arms yellow and orange. She then climbs the two white silks to perform aerial acrobatics, and while hanging from the fabric, wraps, drops, rolls, spins, climbs, all of which turned the white silks into a fantasy matrix of superb dazzling colours that was yet another great audience pleaser.

The shown ran for 50 minutes without interval.

Highly recommended, KALEIDOSCOPE plays the Lennox Theatre at Parramatta Riverside Theatres until the 18th January 2017.   The theatre is located on the corner of Church and Market Streets, Parramatta, NSW.

Remaining performances :-

Tuesday 17 January at 3.30pm
Wednesday 18 January at 6.15pm



The old timers, especially flyers, often talk about it. So do the trap catchers, slack and tight walkers even modern aerialists on silks and rings and Chinese poles. They will tell you about the people with terminal illnesses who seek them out after a show. Who thank them for confronting the unknown beyond, for staring mortality down. iD, from Canada’s Cirque Éloize as part of the Sydney Festival, is vibrant and exciting, thrilling and skilful. It’s fantastically entertaining fun but the finale is that rare moment when the physical gives way to the spiritual. When human beings are suspended for just that second of time between corporeal and divine. Continue reading CANADA’S CIRQUE ELOIZE PRESENTS ‘iD’ @ RIVERSIDE THEATRES PARRAMATTA


Guide photographer Ben Apfelbaum went to the show’s recent Media Call at the Sydney Opera House where Sydney Opera House CEO Louise Herron addressed the gathering.

Photographers were then invited out to the forecourt to take a few pics of the cast in costume as well as one of the big drawcards, the show’s two elephants, Queenie and Karanga (Swahili for peanuts).

I went to see the show in performance and it was spectacular. Charming, charismatic ringmaster Willy Whipsnake (David Williamson) kept audiences thoroughly entertained in between the very diverse acts.

Thankfully, the show was not framed around a specific narrative structure, a strategy that often fails to inspire. The show’s focus was clear and precise, to give these wonderful circus artists the full opportunity to shine and showcase their talents.

In a circus of highlights my stand-out acts were the Cycling Cyclone (Florian Blummel), the Great Gaston Juggling Juggernaut (Francois Borie) and the High Wire Dance performed by Los Lopez.

Puppet Elephants Queenie and Karanga drew great reactions from the kids, as  did Willy Whipsnake when he invited a few lucky kids from  the audience to join him for a brief time on the stage.

Production values were excellent with Evan Jolly’s pulsating soundscape and Paul Smith’s outstanding lighting design being highlights.

The wrap. This was great family entertainment for the summer holiday season.

CIRCUS 1903 played the Concert Hall at the Sydney Opera House between the 18th and the 29th December, 2016.

Featured image- Sydney Opera House CEO Louise Herron. All images by Ben Apfelbaum (c).


There is a famous theatre review of a show called A Good Time on Broadway in the 1960s. The review simply reads “NO” in a blank column of newsprint.

When choosing a name for a show, a lesser company might avoid giving an easy tagline to a critic but that is not a worry if you are the universally loved, world renowned theatre practitioners of THE FLYING FRUIT FLY CIRCUS. This company of ‘ordinary kids doing extraordinary things’ has joined with elders in their community to create a show simply entitled JUNK. And I can defiantly say “it is not”.

JUNK is set in a 1940’s junkyard. Why a junkyard? The Flying Fruit Flies are based in Albury/Wodonga and since the company’s inception as a school holiday project for the Year of the Child in 1979 they have been a community based organization. The company is committed to creating new and original works and in the research which began this project 2 years ago, the Fruities they reached out to ask about what ‘playing’ meant in the memories of those who were young a very long time since. Continue reading FLYING FRUIT FLY CIRCUS CONTINUES TO INSPIRE AND ASPIRE TO GREAT HEIGHTS



I went to the circus last night, set up in the tiny space that is the  Reginald theatre at the Seymour Centre. This was by way of a show called ELIXIR put on by Head First Acrobats and presented as part of this years’ Sydney Fringe Festival program.

ELIXIR proved to be a bit of knockabout fun. Just a note to begin with. With its colourful blend of risque humour that runs through the show, ELIXIR does not come under the ambit of a family show, and is not suitable for young kids. Three very enthusiastic performers- Callan Harris, Thomas Gorham and Rowan Thomas– took over the small Reginald stage with their very impressive acrobatic skills, honed from years of training.



All photography by Ben Apfelbaum.

Cirque De Soleil are back in Sydney with  KOOZA, the troupe’s eighth Big Tour show to tour Australia and they are as amazing as ever.

The show springs  open like a huge, wondrous toy box to stir our imagination. The narrative sees  the main character, the personification of innocence, go on a  journey of self discovery as he encounters a kingdom of eccentric, characters and many  surprises. The show combines amazing dare-devil acrobatic/circus skills that take one’s breath away with plenty of clowning for all the young at heart. Through the performance a  wonderful live band pump out a  great soundtrack of jazz, funk and Bollywood music.

KOOZA features a cast of some 50 acrobats, musicians, singers and actors performing amazing feats.   Cirque Du Soleil pride themselves on  being inclusive and multi-cultural- the current cast and crew are made up of personnel from some 20 countries.

Highly recommended, KOOZA  is playing the Big Top at the Entertainment Quarter  Tuesdays to Fridays at 8 pm, Saturdays at 4.30 pm and 8 pm, and Sundays at various times. The season, as it stands at the moment, is set to run until November 6.




It actually snows inside! EL CIRCO BLANC


017_ BLANC 04.06.15. Jesse Jaco. W_ low res

Featured photo- Aerial Artistry, Pic by Jesse Jaco. Photos above- 1. It actually snows inside EL CIRCO BLANC. Photo supplied by Slide. 2. Live vocals accompany a romantic aerial act”. Photo credit Petr Sedlacik. 3.  Brioche pastry filled with layers of salmon, mushroom and rice, served with a lemon butter and chive sauce. Photo credit Jesse Jaco.

So where do you go with your special lady, friend or even your wife on a Wednesday night? Or with your mates on a boys’ (or girls’) night out? Somewhere memorable. Unusual. And not too noisy…

You go to SLIDE  at 41 Oxford St Darlinghurst and see El Circo Blanc.  And you eat a five course degustation menu. Slide is a cabaret lounge that used to be a Commonwealth Bank.

The theme of this production is a circus and it is playing every Wednesday night. It is based on a concept by Marc Kuzma, and directed by James Taylor.



Brown Paper Circus - secondBrown Paper Circus tosses traditional structures out the window and invites the audience into a theatrical guessing game, where everything can happen and anything is possible.

‘Return to centre’ uses highly skilled aerial and floor acrobatics to build a world that invites the audience to wonder at our own stories and contemplate how our connection with others shapes our path. The original score is created by acclaimed trumpeter Kendal Cuneo and international beats producer PaperToy, AKA Bevis Masson-Leach.

May 13th, 14th, 15th 16th 2016. 8:30pm

VENUE- Sydney Trapeze School, St Peters

For more about ‘Return to Centre’ by Brown Paper Circus, visit
Find us on: YouTube | Facebook


Flying Fruit Fly Circus-main

These five performers – A.J. Saltalamacchia, Teagan Leslie, Jackson Manson, Jess Mews and Zachariah Johnson – have recently graduated from the world-famous Flying Fruit Fly Circus and Stunt Lounge is their first original work as professional artists.

Mentored by Flying Fruit Fly Circus Artistic Director Jodie Farrugia, these five young artists have devised an accomplished contemporary circus work, incorporating traditional acts with a twist, co-created and directed by exciting emerging director Darcy Grant.

There is no real storyline as such, rather a series of vignettes showcasing the various stunts. Five housemates doing circus things – including teeterboard, aerialist straps , balancing , tumbling , juggling , hula hooping and other things that will make you go ouch!

An incredible trust and rapport has developed between the multi talented cast of five who appear to be boneless and unbreakable. They perform with fluid, fearless precision and split second timing.

The set is a living room with a swirly patterned rug and various lamps as well as a red door.

The lighting is sensational I liked the very dramatic silhouette backlighting and ‘firelight’ and the fairy lights used at the end.

The jazz/blues/R’n’B soundtrack , at times throbbing and pulsating , sometimes mellow and reflective , features, at one point, a blisteringly hot electric guitar rendition of Somewhere Over The Rainbow, providing very appropriate atmosphere.

Much fun is had with tumbling acrobatics over a large Chesterfield sofa , all five jostling and squashing for position. The lounge becomes the springboard location for all the vignette , assorted pieces of furniture acting as platforms for the balancing displays, The dynamic teeterboard/ tumbling section is breathtaking and I greatly enjoyed the ball juggling section. There is also a very tricky bottle balancing segment.

Mesmerizing sinuous ,slithery aerialist work was provided by Teagan Leslie on the straps. Mews and Leslie also were amazing with the hula hooping and balancing .

Mention must also be made of a delightful duet by AJ Saltalamacchia and Jess Mews. It combines his incredible acrobatics and her hooping skills to depict a dizzy, delicious young couple falling in love .

This piece is contrasted with the next piece,  a melancholic meditation on ageing, being a solo acrobatic routine featuring a pair of furry slippers.

A rather trancelike, gut clenching, very dangerous nailboard section-  how does he do it ?- was led by Zachariah Johnson.
The cast’s young bodies are being tested to the limit by the world and each other.

STUNT LOUNGE is an impressive, somewhat whimsical, at times reflective, sweet yet occasionally dark show. It could have, however, featured more musical variation and diversity in theatrical tone to showcase, to an even greater extent, the amazing talents of its sizzling cast .

Running time just on an hour no interval.

The Flying Fruit Fly Circus’ production STUNT LOUNGE, part of the Opera House’s school holiday program,  is playing at the Studio, Sydney Opera House until Sunday April 17.




I bet I can climb that 16-foot ladder with no hands…I dare you to scale to the top of that stack of containers and handstand on the edge…How many people do you think we can fit in that box?

If a contortionist, a strongman, a hand balancer and three other unencumbered circus folk became trapped in a warehouse, I imagine LANDSCAPE WITH MONSTERS is what it would look like.

Each show is an experience unto itself, as the company is a leader in contemporary circus theatre and constantly conceives shows that extend well beyond the bounds of traditional circus practice. Continue reading MERRIGONG THEATRE COMPANY and CIRCA PRESENT ‘LANDSCAPE WITH MONSTERS’ @ IPAC


What Will Have Been- Jamie Williams
Production photography by Jamie Williams

Since 2004 Circa has been creating powerful works of circus art that blur the lines between movement, dance, theatre and circus. Under the direction of Yaron Lifschitz the dynamic trio of two male and one female acrobat use everything at their disposal – trapeze, aerial ropes, balance poles and each other’s bodies – to thrill and astound the audience.

Live violinist Rebecca Seymour plays Bach amongst a soundtrack of electronica. The three performers are perfectly in tune with each other’s bodies as the music surrounds and enfolds them and us from the very start to their final embrace. Continue reading WHAT WILL HAVE BEEN @ THE MAGIC MIRRORS SPIEGELTENT


Circus Oz- 1

I am, along with many others, a big, huge fan of Circus Oz, and it is always a cause of great celebration when they are back in  town.

Circus Oz, now 37 years strong,  put on a corker of a show. The two hour show, including a twenty minute interval, features non stop hi-jinks and circus action – heaps of juggling, unicycling, trapeze work, rope climbing, acrobatics and gymnastics, and, as always, with Circus Oz, driving, pulsating music.

The show was hosted by the quirky, self effacing, gay, indigenous performer, Dale Woodbridge-Brown.

All of the twelve performers picked up an instrument during the show, one of Circus Oz’s trademarks, with percussionist Ben Hendry and pianist Ania Reynolds providing most of the backing.

Sam Aldham, Candy Bowers, Matt Wilson, Sharon Gruenert, April Dawson, Olivia Porter , Kyle Raftery, Beau Dudding, Derek Llewellin, Spenser Inwood and Nathan Kell kept us infinitely and irresistibly entertained.

Circus  Oz likes to incorporate a through-line/theme  to their shows, and for BUT WAIT … THERE’S MORE the theme, entirely relevant to today’s world, is society’s obsession/addiction with being a good consumer and constantly sourcing to ‘overload’ the world wide web.

My pick from a show of highlights took place shortly before interval.

Circus Oz, famous for being one of the first circuses not to use animals, had a lion segment- well, of a kind…

One of the ladies came on stage fiercely cracking a whip, other performers came on having donned lions’ manes…The ‘lions’ tried to go through hoops. The segment ended with a lovely touch with a large throng of youngsters on stage pretending to be roaring lions…

Try and get tickets. Your kids will love you for it! Circus Oz is playing under the Big Top at the Entertainment Quarter, Moore Park until the 24th January. Tickets from $25.00  Telephone 136100  or

Circus Oz-2


Performer Olivia Porter. pic Scott Hone
Performer Olivia Porter. pic Scott Hone
Kyle Rafferty, Spenser Isherwood and Ben Lewis. Pic Scott Hone
Kyle Rafferty, Spenser Isherwood and Ben Lewis. Pic Scott Hone

Australia’s legendary, one and only rock and roll and animal free circus Circus Oz will be landing in Sydney soon.

Credited with revitalising a traditional artform in a uniquely Australian way, Circus Oz has influenced the development of circus arts around the world since its foundation in 1978. Circus Oz undertook its first and critically praised international tour in 1980 and has continued touring to over 100 cities and regions in 27 countries – in all playing to over 3.7 million people.

Their new show BUT WAIT…THERE’S MORE is the first to have been created in their new custom circus home in Melbourne. The show will feature 12 fabulous performers- graceful men, strong women, incredibly intricate and innovative jugglers, lyrical and virtuosic unicyclers, hilarious flying trapeze artists, booty-shaking hip-hoppers, highly-musical-acrobats and highly-acrobatic-musicians.

Performed under the Big Top within a spectacular large-scale set inspired by an abandoned theatre in tatters, But Wait…There’s More promises to be punchy, exciting and a funny vaudeville-inspired show for humans of all ages.

The show will be presented at breakneck speed through cheeky impersonations, ridiculous knockabout and multi-skilled human physical exuberance. There will be a breath-taking amalgamation of tricks and ideas, including a satirical look at today’s culture of infobesity and consumer overload based around society’s focus on stuff.

BUT WAIT…THERE’S MORE will be playing at the Showring at the Entertainment Quarter from the 30th December till the 24th January. Running time 2 hours including a 20 minute interval. For performance times check the website. Bookings or 136100.


Twitter @circusoz

Instagram @circusoz

Featured pic – The Circus Oz Ensemble. Pic Rob Blackburn.



Circus Oz- main


5. © Salvador Dali, Fundación Gala-Salvador Dalí
Production photography by Viviana Cangialosi

The internationally renowned writer and director Daniele Finzi Pasca has pulled off everything from an Olympic ceremony and a production with the English National Opera to Cirque du Soleil.

Compagnia Finzi Pasca bring their mix of astonishing acts and fantastic visuals to Parramatta in LA VERITA, ushering in spirit and spectacle inspired by a recently rediscovered painting by Spanish surrealist Salvador Dalí.

Written and directed by Daniele Finzi Pasca. this is an acrobatic and theatrical show featuring twelve acrobats and a spectacular curtain by Salvador Dalí as the inspiration for the surrealist visual landscape and large scale spectacle of the work. Continue reading SYDNEY FESTIVAL 2016: LA VERITA @ RIVERSIDE THEATRE PARRAMATTA



Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!

While marketed as part of the Kids at The House season as it is school holidays, this is an enthralling work for all ages.

Opening with a tense Comedie Francaise three bangs of the cane from the Ring Mistress , Circa from Brisbane have developed a dazzling show based on Camille Saint- Saens work. Continue reading CIRCA PRESENTS CARNIVALS OF THE ANIMALS @ SYDNEY OPERA HOUSE

ABSINTHE under the Spiegeltent in Hyde Park

Banquine (Lost Souls) (Andrii Kalashynk, Bogdan Kalashynk, Dmytro Bilogubets, Oleksandr Orlov - Ukraine)
Banquine (Lost Souls) (Andrii Kalashynk, Bogdan Kalashynk, Dmytro Bilogubets, Oleksandr Orlov – Ukraine)

Circus is really hard work. Physically it’s all sore hands and knotted tension across the shoulders from neck and head at odd angles. Psychologically it’s that weird mix of adrenalin and enervation from the loud music and the constant pressure. Emotionally it’s the ever-present fear and danger intermingled with the possibility of frightening consequences. It is really hard work and I am just exhausted… too much clapping, too many ohs and ahhs, too much enjoyment. God knows how the performers feel!

ABSINTHE is a 90 minute workout for the viewer. It is a mixture of circus, vaudeville, tent shows and burlesque, held together by the gaudy, uncensored character of the Gazillionaire producer and his dimwit assistant Abby. The green drink is a running theme and the intermittent appearance of the Green Fairy (Australian Karla Tonkich) adds to the leitmotif. Skilled and funny as these characters are, and Tonkich has a lovely singing voice, the circus acts are the highlight. Continue reading ABSINTHE under the Spiegeltent in Hyde Park

Le Noir @ The Sydney Lyric Theatre, The Star

Le Noir-inset

A stunning feast for the senses, LE NOIR – THE DARK SIDE OF CIRQUE is  a distinctive and dynamic theatrical experience. It comes to Australia following a world tour and is performed on a custom-built stage, allowing a spectacular 360-degree view of the performance. It could be called Cirque du Soleil “after dark”, an intimate adult encounter with the magical world of Cirque.

The circus features 20 talented performers, including world-class acrobats, specialty acts and comedians captivating the audience as on a spellbinding journey of three acts – white, red and black. This production is seductive and at times risqué as it explores emotions through colours as the cast shift from delicate and pure white, through to the passion of red and finally closing with the darkness of  LE NOIR.

Continue reading Le Noir @ The Sydney Lyric Theatre, The Star

Bathtub Circus @ IPAC


For most people baths hold connotations of childhood, relaxation and pleasure.

For many others, it’s also accompanied by a crippling anxiety and a vivid memory of slippery bathtub accidents. For the talented eight-bodied cast of the globally renowned show, SOAP!, free-standing tubs and large quantities of water are considered a prime foundation for hardcore acrobatics, contortion and contemporary dance.

Continue reading Bathtub Circus @ IPAC

Circus Factory @ Powerhouse

circus factory

There are lots of things for kids to do at CIRCUS FACTORY at the Powerhouse Museum so it’s a great place to take the kids over the holidays for some kinaesthetic and fun activities. My advice though, is to take another adult with you too so that you can get some quality time alone with the more aesthetic displays on the theme.

The exhibition is essentially on two floors, though there is a penny ($1 these days) arcade on the 3rd floor as well. On the entry level are all the kid activities and up a ramp to the next level are the costume and poster displays.

The children have a range of experiences open to them in the cavernous, black walled space. Sparse focused lighting gives a definitely mysterious feel to the large area but the kids seem to dive right in. There is a range of dressups, including great outfits for little boys, and some images to have a fun photo taken against. Continue reading Circus Factory @ Powerhouse

Circus Oz: Excellence


Ben Hendry, April Dawson, Matt Wilson, Candy Bowers, Kyle Raftery and Ania Reynolds. Pic Rob Blackburn
Ben Hendry, April Dawson, Matt Wilson, Candy Bowers, Kyle Raftery and Ania Reynolds.                         Pics Rob Blackburn

BUT WAIT…THERE’S MORE by Circus Oz is much more than clowns, acrobats, trapeze artists and jugglers. These performers are the building blocks in this highly entertaining show, quite literally, as they climb up, over and under each other. However, it is the stories and themes that are woven through the performance that lifts BUT WAIT…THERE’S MORE into a very satisfying level of entertainment.

The live music is provided under Ania Reynold’s excellent and entertaining musical direction and she is ably supported by Ben Hendry on drums and several of the multi-talented circus performers. Continue reading Circus Oz: Excellence


Second Pic

Don’t try this at home!Sydney Fringe favourite CIRCAHOLICS ANONYMOUS are a fire based circus company that are spectacular and an audience drawcard, even on the night of cold , windy and miserable weather I attended .

A relatively small space in the courtyard was cordoned off. There was a marquee to one side, puddles of sand and fire blankets around. Led by Thanatos’, CIRCAHOLICS ANONYMOUS      is a Western Sydney collective that specialises in fire performing . The cast of six were dressed in red and black . They take conventional circus blended with fire to create unique and spectacular shows.  Continue reading CIRCAHOLICS ANONYMOUS