The-Boxtrolls-6THE BOXTROLLS is based on Alan Snow’s childrens novel “Here Be Monsters”, part of a series of rather ghoulish but quirky and very clever childrens’ books.

Just as in their previous film CORALINE, Laika Animation has worked really hard to stand out with their unique stop motion movies, and their genuine stop motion is so exquisite in every detail and is uniquely charming, as amply demonstrated in the trailers for their third American animated feature length film BOXTROLLS. I am an absolute fan of movie animation in its many forms, however the physical process of creation by the frame-by-frame alteration of every character, still is a very welcome treat for my eyes.

Ripping fun madcap adventure journey, and whilst not scary, this movie will keep your children glued to the screen, yes thoroughly grotesque and yet charming, although adults may be squirming in many places, because Laika Animation wants their movies to appeal to a broad audience. Isaac Hempstead Wight provides the voice of “Eggs”, who is a young boy that has been growing up, lovingly reared by this group of box-wearing trolls, all living under the cobblestone streets of Cheesebridge, in the Victorian Era.

Every night The Boxtrolls roam the city streets of Cheesebridge, all speaking incomprehensible gibberish, whilst avoiding all human interaction. They are collecting garbage to then recycle into new and useful things, however The Boxtrolls look like ugly Minions each wearing a different box, and all with many distinguishing features, such as false teeth or anger issues.

The Boxtrolls are deemed a menace and a scourge, because they steal children and cheese; so the city employs a team of weird goons, The Red Hats, who are led by Archibald Snatcher (Ben Kingsley) and they are determined to catch and destroy all The Boxtrolls. The White Hats are the highest political strata of this city, and these decision-makers spend all their work time, constantly scoffing amazing cheeses. Winnie (Elle Fanning) is the daughter of the rich leader of the White Hats, and she falls in with Eggs to undertake a spectacular adventure to find and free all the captured Boxtrolls, and are being held as slaves by the Red Hats.

Unsuitable for very young children, because the content is darker and scarier than Disney/Pixar, but the moral message is great for children, overall green themed and includes issues related to class struggles.

Looks even better in the 3D version. Do stay for the surprises hidden in the end credits. Highly Recommended.

Directed by Anthony Staachi and Graham Annable. Starring the voice talents of Ben Kingsley, Isaac Hempstead-Wright, Elle Fanning, Jared Harris, Toni Collette, Nick Frost, Richard Ayoade, Tracy Morgan, Simon Pegg.

Rated: PG (Mild themes and violence), 97 minutes.
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