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Denver’s passion for music, cinema and the arts began at an early age when accompanying his grandmother in her rounds of the entertainment circuits - gaining exposure to Hollywood’s Broadway musicals. This education continued throughout his childhood as the heart-felt melodies of yester-year, and the fantasy of the Golden Years of Hollywood embraced our lives. Choosing a pathway that incorporated all aspects of Sydney lifestyle, Denver was able to make inroads with a variety of independent newspapers and publications to write about subjects of community interest. Over time, he had published a good many front-page stories, helping to overturn political decisions and make an impact on the local scene. What he has enjoyed most is researching areas of health and fitness, music, food and fashion to try and understand what excites the average Sydneysider in their lifestyle and interests. It becomes an on-going avenue of discovery, one that provides great ammunition for stories. Meanwhile, life goes on and the stage is set for reviewing the creativity in visual and performing arts. The challenge is ever present and the results most fulfilling!


The pic above is of artist Kate Gorman with her friend fashion icon, Nicholas Huxley. Both Kate and Nicholas were former Fashion Design students at East Sydney TAFE in 1974. Kate continued to pursue her love of colour and abstraction while Nicholas Huxley became the driving force in shaping the collage artform into what it is today. Continue reading KATE GORMAN FOLLOWS HER DREAM @ THE ART2MUSE GALLERY DOUBLE BAY


The international Kimono Club of Sydney were passionate about promoting the fashion of Kimono wearing to a wider audience. On parade at Darling Harbour were a wide-ranging choice of this style of clothing. Photos capture some of the spectacular colourful modern trends that incite younger people into wearing Kimonos and Japanese fancy costumes to push a new pop culture.
Picture: Denver Mottau

The MATSURI JAPAN FESTIVAL is Sydney’s biggest Japanese event. It is held each year to celebrate Japanese culture and cross-cultural friendship between the people of Japan and Australia. Founded in 2006, the Japanese community in Sydney work very hard to host a traditional style Matsuri for Sydneysiders. Continue reading MATSURI JAPAN FESTIVAL 2017


This image: Waangenga Blanco and Bangarra Dance Ensemble in NGATHU
Banner Image: Tara Gower, Rika Hamaguchi, Deborah Brown (front) and Jasmin Sheppard in WHISTLER
Photos by Daniel Boud

BANGARRA is back in Carriageworks, Sydney with a triple bill of new works and contemporary Australian stories.

ONES COUNTRY is a repertoire created from indigenous heritage – original and authentic material gathered from community elders and converted into a diverse program of choreographic talents.

Artistic Director Stephen Page sees this program as the spine of their stories. It brings together the choreographic work of dancers Elma Kris and Nicola Sabatino teaming up for a Torres Strait island story titled (Whistler). Djakapurra Munyarryun, a songman, dancer and foundation member of Bangarra creates his first choreographic work (Ngathu). Dancer Kaine Sultan-Babij’s  family totem the caterpillar, is brought out in a series of fluid, grounded undulations in a work titled (Place).

ONES COUNTRY is a powerful and passionate production. The pulsating rhythm, combined with the costumes and artistry of the dancers certainly raises the tempo. Bangarra has so far never failed to impress, particularly with some of the most experienced and versatile dancers in the county in action.

ONES COUNTRY plays at Carriageworks from 24 November to 2 December for more information visit:


Phillip Piperides exhibition ‘the NUDE’
Photo Denver Mottau

Phillip Piperides’ exhibition titled the NUDE  is focused around the studio model who carries a presence with their pose. His sculptures are an expression of how he sees, and continues to view the human form, not merely to recreate the pose, but to bring it to life.

Originally from Cyprus, Phillip has travelled the world in early years gaining facets of experience in Greece, Italy, Canada US and England. With modelling, casting and finishing, he controls every step of the process of bronze sculpture creation, conveying the voluptuous richness of the human flesh. Continue reading the NUDE: PHILLIP PIPERIDES EXHIBITION


A panel of more than 50 Fashion Industry leaders voted to elect this year’s winner of the Industry’s highest accolade, the Australian Fashion Laureate for outstanding achievement.

Australian designer Dion Lee was honoured with the Australian Fashion Laureate Award for 2017 at a ceremony hosted at The Cutaway, Barangaroo Reserve last Thursday evening.

At age 32, Lee becomes the youngest recipient of the award. He was also the first designer to stage a runway show at the Sydney Opera House. Now based in New York, Lee frequents the Fashion Week runways in London and New York and continues to build his brand globally. Dion Lee started his business in 2008 after graduating from Sydney’s Fashion Design Studio. He has come a long way since, developing a distinctive and sophisticated signature style balancing innovation and wearability. Continue reading 10th AUSTRALIAN FASHION LAUREATE AWARD CEREMONY @ THE CUTAWAY


This exhibition opened today, Saturday 11 November, 2017 at the Art Gallery of NSW.

The exhibition is a panorama of Dutch society during an era of wealth, power and cultural influence with outstanding works by the great Dutch masters. The art of painting flourished like never before with subjects ranging from intense portraits and dramatic seascapes to scenes of domestic life and studies of fruit and flowers.

Drawn from the Rijksmuseum of the Netherlands, this exhibition has a rare painting by Johannes Vermeer and a room dedicated to one of the greatest minds in the history of art, Rembrandt Van Rijn. Continue reading REMBRANDT AND THE DUTCH GOLDEN AGE @ ART GALLERY OF NEW SOUTH WALES


Featured photo- Edmund Capon, Danelle Bergstrom and Jack Thompson at the exhibition opening.

Edmund Capon, former Director of the Art Gallery Of New South Wales, attended the official opening of artist Danelle Bergstrom’s new exhibition ‘Vaga’ at the Arthouse Gallery, Darlinghurst held last Wednesday. Other luminaries who attended included acting legend, Jack Thompson.

Bergstrom won the 2007 Packing Room Prize at the Art Gallery Of New South Wales for her portrait of Thompson.

In her new collection Danelle personifies the land as a vessel for emotion. The paintings pictoralise her recent experiences in hill’s End and her time spent at her Finland residency. The artist’s Scandinavian seascapes evoke the dark, roaring energy of the ocean. Continue reading DANELLE BERGSTROM COLLECTION : VAGA @ ARTHOUSE GALLERY