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Raul Hernandez is an Actor, Producer, Director and Broadcaster, born in Guayaquil - Ecuador, he has worked for many years in Radio, Theatre and TV. As an actor he has represented several works by renowned playwright Ecuadorian Jose Martinez Queirolo, worked for 14 years as an actor with the group "Doscaratulas Theatre", worked as a broadcaster for Radio Onda Cero in Ecuador for 6 years and as a correspondent for that station for the MTV Latin Awards in 2008. In Sydney he is currently working on Radio Skidrow 88.5 FM with his breakfast show called the First Coffee of the morning. He lives in Sydney with his wife and two boys.


In my recent trip to Ecuador I had the pleasure of viewing a new work by the Guayaquileño artist, Darío Suarez. After nine years of absence, he has started to work again as an artist. His new work is entitled, ‘I think then recycle’.

His work pays tribute to icons who have achieved greatness in the fields performance and politics. He has completed a group work entitled Legends Of Iron which has replicas of the faces of famous characters such as Don Ramón, Michael Jackson, Kurt Cobain, Elvis Presley, Nelson Mandela and Charles Chaplin.

The metal that he works with is originally full of grease, rust and dirt. “I take care of cleaning it and returning it to its pure state. What I do is simply unrepeatable, I can make you another Elvis but it will be different.” He says that each job takes between six to seven hours a day for a week or so. Continue reading DARÍO SUÁREZ THE SCULPTOR WHO TURNS SCRAP INTO SCULPTURE.


My theatre highlight for this week was attending the Opening Night of Liverpool Performing Arts  Ensemble’s production of Australian playwright Richard Beynon’s classic play, SIMPSON J. 202.

Michael Giglio gave a stellar performance in the lead role, playing John Simpson Kirkpatrick, the brave young Anzac stretcher bearer who used a little donkey to save many Aussie soldiers injured on the battlefield. Giglio traverses well the different stages in his characters’ journey.

During the play the playwright fills in a lot of the back story to John Simpson’s heroism on the battlefield. We learn that he was a good natured but naive adolescent who had more love for his pets  and the local strays than he did for school work. Simpson desperately wanted to follow his father’s footsteps and become a merchant seaman. Continue reading RICHARD BEYNON’S ‘SIMPSON J, 202’ @ CASULA POWERHOUSE ARTS CENTRE


On Wednesday night I had the opportunity to appreciate SECRET BRIDESMAID’S BUSINESS by Elizabeth Coleman at the Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre. This wonderful Australian classic comedy tells the story of Meg Bacon, her mum, and girlfriends as they come together in a hotel suite to have some girlie fun before Meg’s wedding the following day.

The current production, directed by Jonathon Brown, had many valuable insights for the interpretation of the characters .

Melissa Kathryn Rose portrays the main character Meg well, giving us a first class performance from the beginning until the end, showing us the dream of every woman on her wedding day.

Besides her appears Colleen Bacon (mother of the bride) played by Allison Brown, in her character who prepares all the details for the wedding of her beloved daughter, she is a perfectionists who has a good eye for details, she kept a good chemistry with the protagonist. 

The Bridesmaids, Meg’s best friends, interpreted by Katherine Babatzanis and Christine Graf, keep us in suspense as to whether they will or will not let Meg know the news that they have leaned that Meg’s fiance has been unfaithful.

Elizabeth Coleman’s play is a seriously funny play about life. It has a lot to say about about honesty, friendship and loyalty in today’s difficult world. Recommended, the production has one remaining performance tonight at 8 pm.

The cast : Katharine Babatzanis, Allison Brown, Christine Graf, Samantha Sullivan, Michael Lundberg and Melissa Kathryn Rose.




Casula Power House Art Centre presents a landmark exhibition Refugees bringing together more than 65 works by 22 world- renowned artists – including Yoko Ono, Ai Wei and Anish Kapoor – each of whom share a refugee background. The exhibition was opened the last July 29th and will run until September 11th 2016.

 Last Friday I attended this interesting exhibition, where the focus is on “Refugees” a combination of modern and contemporary art, are expressed through of great artists whose experiences are reflected in one of the themes that has until now been very controversial and politicised.

 Artists like Khadim Ali, Frank Auerbach, Christian Boltanski, Yosl Bergner, Judy Cassab, Marc Chagall, Max Ernst, Lucian Freud, Mona Hatoum, Ludwig Hirschfeld Mack, Guo Jian, Anish Kapoor, Inge King, Dinh Q. Lê, Nalini Malani, Helmut Newton, Yoko Ono, Aida Tomescu, Danila Vassilieff, Ai Wei Wei, Ah Xian and Anne Zahalka. Continue reading THE ‘REFUGEES’ EXHIBITION @ CASULA POWERHOUSE ARTS CENTRE



When we talk about Flamenco, we talk about a rare and vibrant fusion of art, dance, voice and musical accompaniment.

Last night I went to the Foundry in Ultimo to see the group Flamenkisimo perform their new show,  Entrelazar (Intertwined).  Dancers dressed in keeping with the Andalusian tradition appeared from the wings, comprising two gentlemen dressed in black, and three beautiful women wearing elaborate dresses featuring embroidered straps and wearing bright flowers in their hair.

The show was divided into two parts, the first consisting of four songs. Felipe Kunze playing guitar and Byron Mark on percussion made for a great duo.  

The impressive voice of Zoe Velez was captured in the song Fandangos Naturales, demonstrating her passion and flair for flamenco.

In this first part and before going to the break, the piece Alegria de Cadiz was danced by Chachy Penalver, her movements were super-coordinated with the melody, the expression of her hands, a unique facial expression, every beat was pure and vibrant energy, the audience cheered on her every moment.

After interval, the group performed four further songs. My highlight was Roshanne Wijeyeratne’s rendition of the song, Sevillanas, and her vibrant performance of the dance, Solea por Bulerias.

with the hands, feet and hips in perfect unison to the flamenco rhythm.

I recommend this show to anyone who wants to experience the joy of flamenco. You will be delighted by this talented group.


Baile               Chachy Penalver y Roshanne Wijeyerante

Cante             Zoe Velez

Guitarra          Felipe Kunze Garcia

Percussion     Byron Mark


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Production photography by Tracey Schramm

The great Spanish poet and writer Federico Garcia Lorca said; “A society that does not help or discourages theatre, if not dead, is dying.”

Thankfully, in Australia we live in a vibrant society that supports theatre and seeing the excellent work that continues to come out of the Australian Theatre For Young People (ATYP) is nothing short of inspirational.

The ATYP’s current production THE VOICES PROJECT: ALL GOOD THINGS, directed by the very experienced Iain Sinclair features a collection of monologues written by some of our talented young playwrights explores the theme of departure, presenting ten different ways of saying goodbye. Continue reading THE VOICES PROJECT: ALL GOOD THINGS @ ATYP STUDIO 1