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Michele Chapple is a retired teacher of English and Mathematics. She is a voracious reader across most genres, often devouring six or seven books a week. Lest you be tempted to tell Michele to “get a life !” she wishes it to be known that she has worked as a professional writer for theatre and television as an actress and as a character comedian.


Adelaide born writer Melanie Casey

This is the third book in a series featuring Cass Lehman and her partner, police detective Ed Dyson. It is the story of an unlikely serial killer and the dogged attempts to discover his identity.

“Sounds like a typical murder mystery,” you may be thinking – but you are wrong. Author Melanie Casey has added a twist which enables her to straddle two genres: murder mysteries and psychic curiosities. Continue reading MISSING by MELANIE CASEY


Author Graham Potts
Australian author Graham Potts will have his debut novel released on 4th January, 2016.

This is a Spy thriller on a truly grand scale. Ostensibly it is a story of global interest with a billion dollar international oil deal threatening to shift the balance of power, returning the reader to the time of the Cold War and, of course involving the Super-Powers, Russia, the United States and even China. Surprisingly, Australia plays a small but significant part. So the stakes are high.

Graham Potts instinctively understands that this political grand opera will overwhelm his readers  so he takes us behind the scenes to the individuals who are pulling the strings. The most important of these is Stepan Volkov, an extraordinary anti-hero who has been manipulated into working for the Organizatsiya, a powerful Russian Crime Syndicate.

We soon discover that Volkov has been forced into this position by his love for a woman from his past whose safety is insured only if he continues to work for the Russians. So, even though Volkov appears to be a murderous  assassin, he is driven by noble motives. Continue reading GRAHAM POTTS DEBUT NOVEL : NO FREE MAN


Sulari Gentill

In this modern age, when books have to compete with television, many modern authors of crime fiction have resorted to sensationalist writing. The detectives are hardbitten, jaded men [almost always] who, at times, are as ruthless as the criminals they pursue. Serial killers abound and their victims are often dispatched in increasingly vicious and bloodthirsty ways. Such novels leave readers breathless and aghast, even nervous and wary of life in general where such horrific crimes are committed. Continue reading GIVE THE DEVIL HIS DUE