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Once we were old enough, my parents took the whole family to the Sydney CBD cinemas every week. Thus began a lifetime interest, in going to the cinema every week, and became a passionate cinephile by watching all those very heavily edited ''Australian Film Censorship Board'' true cinéaste versions of brand new release ''Cinematograph Films''. Greater Union always gave my father (who worked in Cinema Distribution Exhibition) guest double movie passes, to every first-night ''red carpet Opening Night'' at The State Theatre Cinema at 49 Market Street. Up until his death, my dad always received ''two house seats'' for every Opening Night performance events at the Theatre Royal SYDNEY and at Her Majesty's Theatre SYDNEY. As a child, when mum choose not to go, I often went with him, to those live performance events. As a young child, I remember being taken for each new show, at both The New Theatre at 60 Sussex Street, and the Phillip Street Theatre when located at 150 Elizabeth Street, and for classical music concerts at Sydney Town Hall.   Being happy is a choice, and I have always viewed my life, as material ready be made into a series of amazing tentpole movies. My New Years Resolution is kept every year: ''Get to see/review five new live theatre shows each week, and get to see/review six new cinema movies each week'', plus is one of the Australian Cinema Pioneers and apparently have seen far too much already, but always wanting to experience more and more each year. I am also able to do almost everything that I enjoy doing. Yes, I do have a great daytime job in I.T. as ''Software Design Project Manager'', PLUS each evening until quite late - playwright, writer, director, producer, arts/drama critic and judge, journalist, member FCCA & member AACTA accredited film reviewer-critic-writer, projectionist, plus an innovative iconoclast . . . LYNN BELVEDERE . . .

ACCORDING TO OTTO by Wayne Tunks at The Depot Theatre Marrickville

ACCORDING TO OTTO by Wayne Tunks is now having its Australian premiere as part of The Depot Theatre’s 2018 Seaso

Family life with an extended family, heartwarming and full of love, empathy, pathos, truth, tears and joy. Extremely entertaining, that also delivers with the laughter, a very pleasurable night of entertainment, fast-paced and filled with a hundred delicious comedy one-liners. A fresh new comedy masterpiece. Continue reading ACCORDING TO OTTO by Wayne Tunks at The Depot Theatre Marrickville


There are nine very different and unique plays, being performed live on stage this week, at Short and Sweet, the world’s biggest little play festival. Delicious dramas and dramedy, message plays, engaging monologues, and laugh-out-loud entertainment to end the evening. Continue reading SHORT+SWEET THEATRE TOP 80 WEEK TWO SYDNEY 2018 @ AMPA – TOM MANN THEATRE


(All photos: Chris Lundie)                                                                                                                                                    This image: THE DUSTY HOUR                                                                                                                                  Banner image: THE EULOGY

There are eight simply superb plays being performed live on stage this week, at Short and Sweet. Top 80 Week One, Thursday 1st February 2018 until Sunday.  Captivating drama, strange circumstances, unique outlooks, and laugh-out-loud entertainment galore. Continue reading SHORT+SWEET THEATRE TOP 80 WEEK ONE


Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber‘s London Palladium Production of THE WIZARD OF OZ is a breathtaking musical revelation, that significantly improves upon the screenplay of the 1939 the all-time classic technicolor MGM musical movie. Keeping to the original storyline by cleverly adding three new enchanting and unforgettable songs by Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber, and also contains the well-beloved songs of the Oscar®-winning movie score by Harold Arlen and E Y Harburg.                       Continue reading THE WIZARD OF OZ @ THE CAPITOL THEATRE


Disney is deliberately rejuvenating the year-end holiday box office for the third year in a row, by Lucasfilm Limited releasing its annual Star Wars movie. Disney has released the second epic science-fiction saga in the Star Wars sequel trilogy (Movie Number Eight), which is called “Star Wars: The Last Jedi”.                                         Continue reading STAR WARS VIII – THE LAST JEDI



WICKED is a kid friendly musical that takes place in the Land of Oz, but this untold “true” story of The Witches Of Oz and The Wizard Of Oz, is set during the years before Dorothy brings the house down with her arrival in Oz. The citizens of The Land Of Oz are celebrating the death of The Wicked Witch, when Glinda appears. The musical then continues as an extended flashback of the early lives of these two young women, from their first meeting as sorcery students at the Shiz University.                                  Continue reading WICKED presented by MANLY MUSICAL SOCIETY @ GLEN STREET THEATRE

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland – THE AUSTRALIAN BALLET @ The Capitol Theatre

In 2011 Christopher Wheeldon created sustained narrative with ongoing character development, with his new classic ballet “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” a full-length work in three acts, for the Royal Ballet at The Royal Opera House in Bow Street, Covent Garden, London. I am forever grateful that The Australian Ballet has carefully re-created this amazing fast-paced spectacular ballet, using the best of the best Australian ballet dancers and some guest artists, and is now available for Sydney audiences for a very limited time, after first being seen by Melbourne audiences.

This is the must see ballet this decade, so much better to experience live on stage, rather than watching The Royal Ballet September 2011 dvd version.

Continue reading Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland – THE AUSTRALIAN BALLET @ The Capitol Theatre




HEATHERS THE MUSICAL provides multiple insights into the bullying, assaults, intimidation, violence and gun ownership of American senior high school students at Westerberg High. Beautiful misfit loner Veronica Sawyer, is wonderfully played with great gusto by Julia Hyde, when she finally succeeds in joining the school’s elite and cliquey trio of beautiful young women, THE HEATHERS.

Veronica falls deeply in lust for Jason Dean (J.D.), played by Stuart Prime, the very dark, mysterious and dangerously sexy new bad boy at the school. Julia Sophie Liela is undeniably menacing as the elegant Queen Bitch, Heather Chandler.

Unremittingly entertaining musical with biting lyrics plus murder and mayhem galore, and is based on the cult 1988 Hollywood movie HEATHERS starring Winona Ryder and Christian Slater.

Directors Kyle Stephens and Liviu Monsted have wisely cast three very brightly voiced women as the Three Heathers. Thought-provoking teenage revenge musical contains frequent confronting adult themes and easily blends its enthralling young-adult drama with caustic sharp humour.

We finally meet the mean girls, these three bitches, Heather Duke, Heather McNamara and led by Heather Chandler. They are HEATHER I and II and III fully displayed in all their glory, hunting down all the nerds who are their easy prey, in the school jungle.




Fascinating savage slice of political and social commentary via comedy, with generous surreal dialogue, provides violence bordering on farce. Exhilarating murder-thriller romp, satirical comedy equally filled with both wit and wisdom, and delivers unexpected twist after twist, and absolutely packed with riveting humour. Fascinating and intriguing theatrical experience, often profound and beautifully fluent acting, the story unfolds with great wit and superlative comic timing.

Two reality television stars, the husband and the wife,  together they are the perfect married team when on television.   However they are both actors reading their lines and faking it. Their televised married life is not real, every word spoken is written for them.

Continue reading VIOLENT EXTREMISM and OTHER ADULT PARTY GAMES @ The Depot Theatre

JackRabbit Theatre presents HIJACKED RABBIT with four new plays @ Blood Moon Theatre


JackRabbit Theatre presents four brand new, one act short Australian plays as part of its “HiJacked Rabbit” season. All four comedy plays are genuinely funny, but with four very different story-lines.

JackRabbit Theatre have previously presented three very entertaining and special comedy plays at the Depot Theatre:-   Front, Sex Object and Dirty People.

First up was “Hit” and after a short interval “Gate 64”. On the following night “Orange is the New Crack” and  then after a short interval “It’s Mars Time”. All four comedy plays are recommended, please book for two consecutive nights to see all four.                                                 Continue reading JackRabbit Theatre presents HIJACKED RABBIT with four new plays @ Blood Moon Theatre

THE BIG MEAL @ The Depot Theatre


Your lifetime expectations during seventy years, so how do think things will go during the rush from birth to death? THE BIG MEAL delightfully shows how things will happen, for this American family over many generations, the almost-normal family from hell who feed each new generation’s children on a steady diet of just too much red cordial.

Childhood sibling rivalry insults, love/hate and ultimately resilience, blended with both comedy and drama, as seen in the same restaurant starting from birth to death. The American icon of fried fast junk food the “corn-dog” takes a well deserved beating, however the truthful description of its manufacture, means that forever, you will never ever eat the Australian version that is called Dagwood Dog, Pluto Pup, or Dippy Dog.

The frequent changes of costume just work perfectly, because the ensemble cast of eight actors have multiple roles throughout and at different ages, sometimes younger and sometimes older, covering several generations of this family that grows from the initial random meeting of teenagers Nicole and Sam. Teenagers who are fully committed to not being committed. Soon you will learn the unique symbolism for each approaching sudden demise.             Continue reading THE BIG MEAL @ The Depot Theatre


This is a new version of Ibsen’s famous play Hedda Gabler, as written by Emma Willis. The actress in the title role of Mrs. Hedda Tesman (née Gabler), delivers a consummate performance throughout, as the quick-witted HEDDA in one of theatre’s greatest dramatic roles.

Just recently arrived in her brand new home, when we first meet her, she is newly married but with a loveless marriage, and  bored with everything including her husband, George Tesman. Hedda has many twisted and scandalous secrets in her wanton past.

People from her past unexpectedly arrive at the new home, including her old flame, the alcoholic dreamer Eilert Lovborg. Jealous Hedda decides to destroy his life, because of his love affair with another.

Henrik Ibsen’s enduring femme fatale drama, Hedda is alluring to all the males in her town, she is a controlling and strong-willed woman, who decides the fates of all in her path.

The large ensemble cast has been expertly directed by Roz Riley, with fine performances by the entire cast.

This was an entertaining evening of adult drama and unexpected intrigue.

Cast: Christine Snell, Daniel Bolt, Maria Hemphill, Micky Rose, Rachel Marley, Richard Holborn and Ross Scott.

HEDDA is playing the Star Of The Sea Theatre at the junction of Collingwood Street and Iluka Avenue, Manly. First performance Friday 13th October 2017 until Saturday 28th October 2017.

Sunday Matinees at 2:00pm. Friday and Saturdays at 7:30pm. Duration just under 145 minutes, including one interval.

For bookings visit





Faithful to the Blade Runner movie universe. Thirty years after the events occurring in the 1982 film BLADE RUNNER, the adventure rapidly unfurls from 30th June 2049, set in an alternate universe in which in the 2010s synthetic humans were developed to exploit non-earth-like planets. There is so much to contemplate, and to discuss after the screening.

The USD$185 million production has special effects that are impeccable, and easily allow you to suspend disbelief, and include many stop-and-point stunning sequences that blur the line, between reality and unreality.

Constant K (Joe) is an adult manufactured replicant human slave, with serial number KD6-3.7, and has been manufactured to be completely unable to lie. He is gainfully employed by the Los Angeles Police Department as a blade runner (LAPD bounty hunter) who is tasked with “retiring” (i.e. always shoot-to-kill) escaped obsolete models Nexus-6,7,8 replicant human slaves.                             Continue reading BLADE RUNNER 2049


“Yes there is a bear in there.” This is the chase: I am gone for ever! [Exit pursued by a bear.]

THE WINTER’S TALE is one of William Shakespeare’s problem plays, a tragic romantic comedy with many a twist in the tale, its multiple moods offer a challenge that requires expert direction, and a cast capable of fine ensemble work.

This huge cast of seventeen actors, brilliantly deliver this wonderful Shakespearean epic of revenge, passion, insane unwarranted jealousy, cruelty and regret.

The stage direction [Exit pursued by a bear] gives every director a severe problem that needs to be solved during the rehearsal process. Secret House director, Sean O’Riordan, has magnificently solved “the bear issue” immediately generating applause from the entire audience on opening night.




Cheaters always cheat, so can trust be restored?

ZELOS is the perfect title, for this Australian indie feature movie film, as the word in Greek has the meaning of ZEAL and PASSION, but also of JEALOUSY and SUSPICION.

The nature of  freedom versus responsibility in relationships is explored, during this different and intriguing story of  two successful thirty-somethings, Bernard (Ben Mortley:- Lantana, McLeod’s Daughters, Drift, Foreshadow, Pinch) and Sarah (Shannon Ashlyn:- Wolf Creek 2, Love Child, Dripping in Chocolate, Puberty Blues, Devil’s Dust).

ZELOS takes a bold and brave path that shows precisely how both Bernard and Sarah cope, from the announcement of her affair whilst overseas on holiday without Bernard.

With the notion of salvaging their relationship, and in a bid to restore his trust, Sarah insists that Bernard sleep with another woman to even the score.

What could possibly go wrong?! Whole levels of their relationship immediately take on a very different dynamic, fuelled by Bernard’s constant questions and jealousy.

ZELOS is fast paced entertainment, with the perfect cast of Sydney based actors. The movie is  a film helmed predominantly by women, including director, co-producers, writer, cinematographer, editor and female-dominated crew.                 Continue reading ZELOS : LOCAL INDI FILMMAKING AT ITS BOLDEST

MODERN JESUS by Christopher Neels @ The Depot Theatre in Marrickville



“Steal a little and they throw you in jail, Steal a lot and they make you king” – Bob Dylan.

First performed in Southwark, London during April 2014, this realistically written, message piece has been successfully localised for a Sydney audience. This confronting new work about the absolute freedom of the individual, cleverly tells the story of disaffected youth and their struggles with their every day Sydney life, and this drama  follows the activism path from idealism until extremism.

Charlie is a checkout girl, and Luke her ex-soldier boyfriend, came back from Afghanistan in a wheelchair. This is Charlie’s story, often funny and definitely quirky, and fully exposes her overt controlling influence over her friends.

Charlie, for an unprovoked act of violence, is sacked from her menial job at Woolworths, and that event begins her manic journey on her downward spiral, that becomes a need for anarchy and complete rebellion against societal expectations. Stealing shopping trolleys from Woolworths and hiding identities behind silly masks.

What begins as victimless and relatively harmless criminal activity, quickly seems much more like terrorism against strangers. Even in these unusual circumstances, normal people would not be willing to accept Charlie’s intellectually empty philosophies.                                    Continue reading MODERN JESUS by Christopher Neels @ The Depot Theatre in Marrickville



Production photos – Katy Green Loughrey

The award winning US play TECHNICOLOR LIFE by Jami Brandli, is now having its Australian premiere as part of The Depot Theatre’s 2017 Season.

Grandmother, mother and two daughters, explore divorce, adolescence, war-wounded, cancer, remission, euthanasia, and  much more. Billie (Tasha O’Brien) a young and love-struck Iraq War soldier, loses her left hand and is sent home, with PTSD, damaged and angry.

Billie’s fourteen year old sister, Maxine (Nyssa Hamilton) is the  narrator of this story, and she attempts to help her now alcoholic wounded sister, by enlisting her new imaginary friends – Lorelei Lee and Dorothy Shaw from the movie “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes”.

The unravelling of inter-generational female relationships are brilliantly explored. The right to die movement, friendly fire, women in the military on the front line in Iraq, hiding sexual assault on military women.                                                  Continue reading JAMI BRANDLI’S ‘TECHNICOLOUR LIFE’ @ THE DEPOT THEATRE, MARRICKVILLE


This intimate production of MACBETH is performed both on stage, and in and around the audience, as we follow Macbeth’s twisted mental landscape as he kills all his rivals to capture the Crown.

Many actors believe that the play is cursed, and refer to the play as  “The Scottish Play”. As written, the play has a minimum of 40 characters, usually requiring a cast of 19 actors. Director Roz Riley has created her extraordinary vision of MACBETH with just ten actors, and each night there are  video-projected  images which are drawn live by E. Strange.

The three Weird Sisters (The Witches) constantly change costumes and demeanour, to magnificently deliver the bulk of the huge cast of characters. The production was beautifully staged with the tension palpable throughout  and the fine ensemble cast delivering consummate performances. Continue reading FACTORY SPACE THEATRE PRESENTS THE TRAGEDY OF MACBETH @ THE STAR OF SEA THEATRE



Patricia Cornelius’s fast-paced play SHIT is a compelling sixty minute theatre experience, charting the lives, of three very tough young women, Billy, Bobby and Sam. As abandoned children, these three marginalised girls found themselves moving hopelessly from one abusive foster home to the next.

They believe in different things :- one believes that unconditional love can only be found by birthing a child who will always love her. Another  had a baby when twelve years and they have become friends for life.

The play features adult themes, aggressive violence and brief nudity, with the very confronting use of explicit course language.   Continue reading PATRICIA CORNELIUS’ SHIT @ THE REGINALD THEATRE, SEYMOUR CENTRE


This was an astonishing juggernaut of great musical entertainment. It was full of catchy tunes with a young cast of pretty girls and handsome boys, always expounding the addictive dangers of the banned narcotic drug, known as the evil weed called Marijuana.

This was a delightful musical parody of the 1936 cult fake-news movie documentary. Concerned parents are lectured on the dangers of the new evil drug, Marijuana, that will turn all their virtuous teenagers into drug-addicted, sex-crazed, jazz music lovers, suffering from the munchies. Today on the cusp of global marijuana legalization and medical marijuana breakthroughs, and with the benefit of hindsight, this satirical musical provides hilarious hazy insights into our current political climate of  conservatism combined with bigotry. Continue reading A RAVE REVIEW FOR ‘REEFER MADNESS’ @ THE FACTORY THEATRE Marrickville



“Music is a social activity. It’s done with others. Since, like, the dawn of time or some shit”

FRONT follows the unseen side of the Music Industry, and intense drama unfolds in rehearsal rooms, green rooms, on radio, on television, in recording studios, but especially including those one way discussions with the toughest record label executive, appearing directly from the gates of hell.

This was an original new Australian conceptual play, well acted with believable dialogue filled with both humour and pathos, that explores relationship issues within a new band. Refreshingly catering to today’s audience with its rock metal tunes, loud music, but well enjoyed by the opening night audience. Duration is a fast paced eighty minutes, with no interval.

Running from 28th June until 15 July 2017 at The Depot Theatre, 142 Addison Road, Marrickville, with on-site free car parking.

Vocals – Lincoln Vickery
Bass – Jack Angwin
Guitar – Charlie Falkner
Drums – Andreas Lohmeyer
Manager – Elle Harris
Multi Character – Mary Soudi

Director/Writer/Composer – Michael Abercromby
Assistant Director – Charlotte Devenport
Designer – Shaynee Brayshaw
Produced by JackRabbit Theatre

PHOTOS by Tom Cramond





Production photography by Grant Lesley.

This was an unremittingly dark as well as entertaining  musical with Emma Taviani delivering a nuanced and compelling performance as Veronica Sawyer. As many will know this musical is based on the cult 1988 Hollywood movie Heathers starring Winona Ryder and Christian Slater. Continue reading HEATHERS THE MUSICAL @ SUTHERLAND MEMORIAL SCHOOL OF THE ARTS


Tunks’ play is about the dysfunctional Post family and their friends, everyone has unresolved issues, their attitudes reveal the dark sides of just another typical Caucasian Australian family.

It is a confronting message piece, LGBT life is a bitch w hen you choose denial.

Ultimately it is a very satisfying drama about self-interest and personal trauma, filled with adult cynicism carefully blended with casual discrimination, racism and homophobia, including brutality, appropriate language and some violence. There  are sympathetic performances, that were always tempered with pathos and humour.