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David Kary completed a Bachelor of Creative Arts (BCA) at Wollongong University between 1990 and 1992 majoring in Arts Journalism and Theatre Studies. Since completing his degree in 1992 he has been writing continuously about the performing arts. He has contributed to a number of publications including Stage Whispers (16 years), The Messenger, South Sydney Bulletin, Tharunka, Sydney Observer, Latte Life Double Bay, and the Australian Jewish News. Since 2005, he has been the publisher and editor of the online Arts magazine Sydney Arts Guide:- He is a member of the Australian Journalists Association (AJA) of the Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance (MEAA), the Australian Academy Cinema Television Arts (AACTA), the Film Critics Circle of Australia (FCCA), and is a member of the Helpmann Awards Voting Collegiate.


For the third year in a row one of Australia’s most well known female comedy acts, the Kransky Sisters, all the way from the quiet town of Esk in the middle of south east Queensland, have been travelling the country with their Christmas show.

The show has proved to be a  hit with audiences with its very reliable recipe. Their deadpan banter and  droll anecdotes are mixed with a range of musical numbers which showcase their very fine and sometimes quirky musicianship,  with instruments including a tuba and a fascinating musical saw.

The show felt a little too ‘contained’ to begin but once the ladies got going they started interacting with the audience and the show became  warmer and more entertaining. Continue reading A VERY KRANSKY CHRISTMAS @ THE SEYMOUR CENTRE


Could this the last installment of the Pitch Perfect franchise?! I suppose a Box Office success would be a determinant but it is subtitled Last Call Of The Pitchers.

In an unusual occurrence at a film’s premiere nearly all the cast’s principals; Rebel Wilson, Ruby Rose, Brittany Snow and Anna Camp walked the Red Carpet at the Entertainment Quarter on the 29th November.

The two Australian stars, Wilson and Rose, have recently been in the media spotlight however despite this fact they, as well as the rest of the cast, were happy to mingle with fans and give relaxed interviews to the media.

PITCH PERFECT 3 opens in cinemas on January 1, 2018.

Featured image – Tegan Martin. Pic by Ben Apfelbaum.



VERTICAL DREAMING is the last performance piece for the year at the Old Fitz. It is a work by the boss, Artistic Director Andrew Henry.

This is a very personal work. Early in the year Henry spent some time in a mental health facility. It was a very tough time. As he described, ‘His mobile phone was taken away from him, his bags were checked, and he was fitted with the customary blue socks.’

Whilst in the facility he came across an old scrapbook that had been compiled by a previous inpatient. It contained some favourite poems by contemporary poets. The poems gave him a lot of comfort at  a very difficult time. He then started adding poems that he knew that had a special significance for him to the scrapbook collection. Continue reading ANDREW HENRY’S ‘VERTICAL DREAMING’ @ THE OLD FITZ


Above: Rebekah Petty as_Medora. William Douglas as Conrad. Picture Ron Fung Banner Image: Ethan Louis and Ashley Lean

LE CORSAIRE (The Pirate’s Story) is one of the world’s most loved ballets complete with pirates, beautiful maidens, romance and shipwrecks. A full length version of the classic has never before been staged by an Australian ballet company.

The Victorian State Ballet are delighted to perform the work at The Concourse, Chatswood on Saturday March 17 at 7.00pm and Sunday March 18 at 2.30pm, following its May premiere season in Victoria. Continue reading LA CORSAIRE (VIC STATE BALLET) SYDNEY TICKETS NOW AVAILABLE


With the silly season kicking in, Hunters Hill Theatre Company has made an astute choice for its final production of the year. The Company is currently running a revival of American playwright Ken Ludwig’s fast and frothy farce, MOON OVER BUFFALO (1995). Many will know this playwright for his better known work,  ‘Lend Me A Tenor’.

This Ludwig play is set back in 1953 and takes place, mainly, on stage and backstage at the Erlanger Theatre in Buffalo. The short story to the narrative is that the main characters, acting couple George and Charlotte Hay, run a travelling theatre company. The play starts with them touring  with two shows in rep, ‘Private Lives’ and ‘Cyrano de Bergerac’ (a one nostril version).   Continue reading KEN LUDWIG’S ‘MOON OVER BUFFALO’ @ HUNTERS HILL TOWN HALL


There is nothing quite like the start to an opening night at the Stables Theatre. The buzz in the foyer. Then the bell ringing. The Artistic Director Lee Lewis giving her brief, always chirpy welcome. The audience slowly making its way to the narrow entrance into the theatre and filling it up to more than capacity as people are squeezed in tightly next to each other.

We take our seats in the theatre to see three dudes, seated at different angles to the audience, looking out at us rather nonchalantly. The play, running at just under ninety minutes straight through, sees us follow their very different journeys.

The three dudes, the Cowboys of the rather ironic title, Sam, Kieran and  Dale, are regular sort of guys who work together at a local Subway store. We presume that their chat is taking place during a lunch break. Their conversation revolves around Sam’s resolve, that at this stage of his life, his goal is to be the dude, the cowboy who wants to break in a virgin. He wants to feel, to take in on every level, the intense experience that this will be.

Sam has his eye on two Virgins from amongst their friends and acquaintances; 29 year old Steph and 19 year old Lane.  Kieran and Dale egg him on. This is the starting point for a play which takes off in many different tangents.

My best description of the show…Its an authentic, humorous, very theatrical and sometimes touching exploration of the contemporary singles scene with its complex landscape.   Continue reading VIRGINS AND COWBOYS @ THE STABLES THEATRE


It is very evident that Courtney Powell and her trio of actors have put in a lot of time and taken a lot of care in  putting together this revival of one of Pinter’s masterworks. Their efforts are well rewarded as they have come up with a strong, memorable  production.

The show’s uncompromising tone is put in place straight away. We walk into the theatre to be greeted by a set depicting a very run down, decrepit apartment I have seen. Stuff is thrown everywhere, the roof is leaking with a bucket ‘thrown’ underneath to catch a few of the many drops. There are two very lonely single beds looking particularly grotty. The only window looking out is broken with the winter draught coming through.

We soon learn that this is Aston’s apartment – chaotic and emblematic of his disordered mind, the result of a nervous breakdown and ensuing shock treatment.  

Pinter’s story pivots around Aston’s decision to share his digs with Davies, a homeless man he befriends at the local pub. Aston soon finds out that Davies is not as grateful as he should be. This is a view that is shared by his older brother, Mick, who actually owns the apartment. Tensions between Davies and the two brothers escalate leading to an inevitable, distressing resolution.  Continue reading HAROLD PINTER’S ‘THE CARETAKER’ @ THE PLAYHOUSE, THE ACTORS PULSE

Through a glass, darkly

Objects from THROUGH A GLASS DARKLY : Emilio Cresciani  at gaffa 

Spaghetti junctions, highways and roads. They connect people and products. They cut new paths through cities, suburbs and the bush, bringing consumers and consumables together.

‘THROUGH A GLASS DARKLY’ is an exhibition of works by Emilio Crescani in which he uses an aspect of western Sydney car culture, recycling car yards, to highlight environmental issues.

A Blacktown car recycling yard houses hundreds of smashed cars, row upon row. Their bonnets up, car-lovers stroll through the space to purchase spare engine parts. Of course the windscreens are one component that cannot be reused.

As I cut them out from the cars the safety glass stayed intact and I realised the interesting patterns look like street networks seen from above.”

This series continues my exploration of redundancy, waste and urban change. My interest is in objects, structures and the urban landscape, and in particular the increasing number of ‘non-places’ that fill our environment. Beauty is found in these places and products of repulsion, neglect or obsolescence.”

THROUGH A GLASS DARKLY is at gaff ( 281 Clarence Street, Sydney) until December 4.   For more information visit:


Dorit Black ‘Nude with Cigarette’.

INTREPID WOMEN, the next exhibition to come to the S.H. Ervin Gallery will be opened by prominent Australian artist Wendy Sharpe on Tuesday 5th December.

Social changes in Australia in the first half of the twentieth century meant that women could take care of their own destinies and make lives of their own.

The exhibition will feature the work of 30 Australian female artists who travelled to Paris, the world’s undisputed centre for the arts, to study, paint, visit galleries, salons, and artists’ studios.

These women  were bold and determined risk takers. South Australian Marie Tuck worked and saved for ten years before accumulating enough funds to allow her to travel and live in Paris.

The exhibition will run at the S.H.Ervin Gallery, Watson Road, Observatory Hill, The Rocks until 11th March, 2018.

The Gallery  is open from Tuesdays to Sundays between 11am and 5pm. Alongside the Gallery is a  small bookstore well worth perusing, and a lovely, old style cafe where Devonshire Tea and similar delights are served.


Featured image – Bessie Davidson ‘Las Robe Juane’. 

C.P.E.Bach, Mozart & Haydn @ City Recital Hall

Featured image – Dr Erin Helyard, guest Director for the Australian Haydn Ensemble’s final concert for the year.

“Helyard and the Australian Haydn Ensemble (AHE) established an engaged dialogic framework, creating telling conversational moments of utterance and response.” Sydney Morning Herald

Over the past five years, AHE have formed a wonderful collaborative relationship with regular guest Dr Erin Helyard. For our finale in 2017, Helyard returns to direct a dazzling symphonic program and perform as soloist in C.P.E. Bach’s Keyboard Concerto in C major.

Described by Mozart as ‘the father of us all’, C.P.E. Bach was one of the greatest innovators of the 18th century.

This program features a good dose of dramatic Sturm und Drang, with Haydn’s Symphony No. 52 in C minor – written whilst Haydn was at the Esterhazy Palace in 1771. This underestimated symphony was described by the famous American musicologist and Haydn specialist Robbins Landon, as “the grandfather of Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony.” Continue reading C.P.E.Bach, Mozart & Haydn @ City Recital Hall


Years ago, audiences fell in love with Muriel Heslop on the big screen, and now they are falling in love with her all over again, this time at the theatre.

Has there ever been a more likeable dag/outsider?! One just has to admire her daring, her nerve, that she will do anything to achieve her dreams, and damn any-one, or even any notion of her own self pride, that can get in the way.

Maggie McKenna steps very comfortably into the shoes that were filled in the movie by Toni Colette in the movie. She gives a wonderful performance, playing a classic ‘plain Jane’ character who will do anything that she can to break away from her mundane, bland life. Continue reading MURIEL’S WEDDING : THE MUSICAL @ ROSLYN PACKER THEATRE


Follow us down the rabbit hole for a madcap ride! ALICE IN WONDERLAND has been reinvented with a unique Australian flavour and will have children and adults alike whooping in delight.

For over 150 years Alice in Wonderland has captured the imaginations of children all over the world, and now returns in a fresh, exciting and all new Australian adaptation for the whole family.

Lewis Carroll’s whirling, fantastical masterpiece is faithfully and beautifully recreated as a nonstop, madcap theatrical adventure for the whole family. See the classic kids’ tale in an all new Australian adaptation by multi award-winning playwright Mary Anne Butler, starring Dubs Yunupingu as Alice.

As part of Sydney Festival, this wonderful show, from the producer of the critically acclaimed and immensely popular The Very Hungry Caterpillar, will have its world premiere at Riverside Theatre, Parramatta, 5-27 January 2018

For more about Alice in Wonderland – a theatrical adventure for the whole family, visit
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PANDORA, Australia’s Web Archive, was set up by the National Library in 1996 to enable the archiving and provision of long-term access to online Australian publications/websites.

Australia’s national library  is committed to preserving selected websites of lasting cultural value for long-term access by the Australian community. In 1996 the Library set up Pandora, Australia’s Web Archive.

Only a relatively small number of websites are assessed as being significant enough for PANDORA and Sydney Arts Guide is proud  to advise that it is now to be included in the Archive. Continue reading SYDNEY ARTS GUIDE IS ON PANDORA, AUSTRALIA’S WEB ARCHIVE


For its final main season production of the year, UTS Backstage revisited an old classic, American Jewish playwright Lillian Hellman’s THE CHILDREN’S HOUR.

Hellman’s play premiered in the 1930s and was radical for its time in its depiction of a lesbian relationship.

The setting is a country town boarding school. Two female school teachers, Karen Wright and Martha Dobie, have formed a close relationship, building the school’s reputation and importance in the local community. Their feelings turn/transform into more than friendship.

Their relationship is exposed by Mary Tilford, an enormously bratty schoolgirl who ‘dobs’ them into her grandmother, Amelia Tilford, who then ‘rings the alarm’ in the community. The 1930s weren’t exactly a great time in regards to enlightened thinking around the whole issue of same sex relationships! Continue reading UTS BACKSTAGE : LILLIAN HELLMAN’S ‘THE CHILDREN’S HOUR’


After much anticipation, MURIEL’S WEDDING THE MUSICAL is finally arriving! A joint co-production by the Sydney Theatre Company and Global Creatures, the show is opening tonight at the Roslyn Packer Theatre.

A stage musical adaptation, brought to the present day by writer PJ Hogan, the show is being directed by Simon Phillips and features original music by Kate Miller-Heidke and Keir Nuttall, along with the original beloved Abba numbers. The show is exclusively playing Sydney.          Continue reading MURIEL’S WEDDING THE MUSICAL : OPENING TONIGHT!


‘My Grandfather always said, ‘Music is the language of the heart’. Mark Vincent.

Mark Vincent showed how well he speaks this language by giving a memorable concert last Thursday night at the State Theatre. The performance was part of his National Tour to promote his new album, A TRIBUTE TO MARIO LANZA.

Vincent performed songs from the album, as well as a few other classics, backed by an excellent twenty piece orchestra conducted by much loved conductor Guy Noble.

Vincent took brief breaks in both halves of the concert at which time New Zealand soprano Jennifer Little came on stage to perform a few songs. They went on to combine together for the first encore, ‘Brindisi’.

A large video screen was set up behind the orchestra which was used intermittently during the performance. At the start of the concert, by way of introduction, Lanza’s daughter spoke about how pleased she was that a singer of Mark’s stature was celebrating her father’s work.   Continue reading MARK VINCENT LIVE @ THE STATE THEATRE


With THE MERCHANT OF VENICE, the Bard provides us with a rich cavalcade of characters to spend a few hours with.

The tale itself is typical Shakespeare fare with a dense, multi-layered storyline which sees his characters intently pursue their heart’s desires, in plain clothing or in disguise,  

The plot revolves around a loan that Jewish moneylender Shylock, the merchant of Venice of the title, gives to Antonio, which is not paid back within the due time frame. It is then that Shylock demands his pound of flesh…

Along with Taming Of The Shrew and its sexist undertones, this Shakespeare play is seen as politically incorrect with its racist feel. Director Anne-Louise Sarks has made the play palatable for contemporary audiences by depicting Shylock as a vilified outsider whom the society of the day condemns.

The ever versatile and talented Mitchell Butel very much looked the part of Shylock. His Shylock is such an uncompromising figure for much of the fall which gives his fall from power added poignancy. At the play’s end, we see him stripped of his beloved religion, his head bowed, the very portrait of a broken man.

Felicity McKay is very watchable as Shylock’s wilful daughter Jessica who doesn’t like her father’s mean  spirited ways, and is quick to start making her own way in life. Continue reading BELL SHAKESPEARE’S ‘THE MERCHANT OF VENICE’ @ THE PLAYHOUSE


NSW Youth Orchestra members turn up early and excited for their first rehearsal with Fabian Russell

New South Wales Youth Orchestra  is pleased to present Stravinsky’s PETRUSHKA  (1911), led by their Principal Guest Conductor, Fabian Russell.

The orchestra will also be joined Australian International Soloist, Michael Kieran Harvey to perform  SHOSTAKOVICH PIANO CONCERTO NO 2.

The program:
Glinka | Ruslan and Ludmilla Overture
Shostakovich | Piano Concerto No. 2
Stravinsky | Petrushka (1911 Version)

Saturday 2 December 2017 at 7:30pm at Verbrugghen Hall Sydney Conservatorium of Music, Conservatorium Rd, Sydney, NSW 200

For more about NSW Youth Orchestra Russian Masterpieces, visit
Or Facebook where NSWYO,  over the coming weeks,  will be posting some interesting facts about the great composers whose music will be performed at the  upcoming concert!


The iconic Blak Markets return to Barangaroo Reserve on Sunday, 3 December from 10am to 4pm, offering a perfect opportunity to do some Christmas shopping, enjoy free entertainment and tuck into delicious bush tucker in a family friendly setting.

Stargazer Lawn will be transformed into a dynamic open-air market with more than 30 stalls selling unique indigenous arts, crafts and produce direct from maker to customer.

The Blak Markets are a great chance to buy locally made unique gifts this Christmas knowing that 100% of the profits go back into Aboriginal communities.

From original and affordable aboriginal artworks to handmade beauty products, handicrafts to one-of-a-kind homewares and jewellery, there are gifts for all ages.

Blak Markets are thrilled to have 3 remote Aboriginal art centres from outback Australia bringing the very best and latest fine artwork to their December market.

Bush tucker is an integral part of the Blak Market experience and this market is no exception, offering 3 live cooking demonstrations with:

Mark Olive (aka the Black Olive) Indigenous Australian celebrity chef and Bundjulung man who has introduced many to indigenous cuisine through his TV series
Jody Orcher, Ularai Barkandji woman, Aboriginal Education Coordinator at Royal Botanic Garden Sydney and champion of indigenous ingredients.

NICI apprentices showcasing their culinary skills (National Indigenous Culinary Institute (NICI) program places budding indigenous apprentices in the kitchens of some of Australia’s top restaurants including Rockpook, Aria, Icebergs Dining Rooms and Catalina)

The Blak Markets are organised by First Hand Solutions and hosted by Barangaroo. First Hand Solutions is an Aboriginal charity providing cultural reconnection programs for urban Aboriginal young people and profits from the Blak Markets are invested into these programs.

Barangaroo Reserve is easily accessible by bus, ferry or train. Car parking is also available under Barangaroo Reserve via the entry at Towns Place ($12 flat rate).

For more information about the Blak Markets at Barangaroo


3 DECEMBER 2017 10AM-4PM

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Photo: Wayne Quilliam

NAISDA Dance & Carriageworks proudly present: RESTORATION

Join the critically acclaimed NAISDA Dance College as they reconnect stories inherited through bloodline and shared through breath, restoring the ancient knowledge grounds for a new generation.

Witness the cultural dances of Moa Island alongside the work of celebrated Australian and international choreographers.

Directed by Helpmann Award Winning choreographer Frances Rings & featuring choreography by:

Sani Townson
Taiaroa Royal (NZ)
NAISDA Developing Artists

Based in Kariong, NAISDA Dance College is the training ground for the next generation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander performers.

DATES : November 22-25

For more about RESTORATION, visit

and : YouTube | Facebook


BROTHERS KARAMAZOV by Arrive.Devise.Repeat is in rehearsal and will play at PACT Centre for Emerging Artists from 6th December.

A wealthy landowner is brutally murdered in a small town, and each of his children is caught up in the crime. In the wake of the murder the writhings of a dysfunctional family are exposed: the petty rivalries, the romantic triangles, and the seething resentment.

Equal parts murder mystery, family drama, and absurd comedy, Dostoyevsky’s dissection of humanity is brought to life in Richard Crane’s award winning adaptation.

Written by Richard Crane
Directed by Victor Kalka
with Alice Birbara, Ryan Devlin, Patrick Howard, and Lucia May.

Arrive.Devise.Repeat have previously presented  GÖTTERDÄMMERUNG, Sam Shepard’s RED CROSS and TENDER INDIFFERENCE.  

PACT Centre for Emerging Artists  is at 107 Railway Parade, Erskineville NSW 2043 and the show will play
Wed – Sat, 6th – 16th December.

For more about BROTHERS KARAMAZOV, visit
or  Facebook


WASTED Cast (Left to Right) David Harrison, Eliza Scott and Jack Crumlin

The Kings Collective is a Sydney-based ensemble dedicated to
creating a space for change within the Australian arts
landscape by challenging audiences in content, form and
aesthetic and providing opportunities for artists. Since its
inception in 2014, The Collective has produced eight plays and
have created opportunities for over sixty young artists.
This December, The Kings Collective are proud to present the
Australian premiere of WASTED  by ground-breaking spokenword
artist Kate Tempest.

WASTED  is the first play from this critically acclaimed voice of
a generation, that blends traditional theatre with spoken-word
rhythm in an honest and refreshing way. Set in modern day
London, Tempest’s play speaks to a generation of young
people struggling to find their feet in a busy and unrelenting
world. They are confronted with the reality of wasting your
potential, wasting your life and getting wasted.

“Performance poetry’s appeal to the fringe, to youth and the
disenfranchised has extended into the mainstream, with
spoken word poet Kate Tempest its unrivalled star.” – The

The Kings Collective will be partnering with Word Travels, the
company behind the Australian Poetry Slam, to present a
spoken-word showcase on selected nights of the production.
This showcase will feature local spoken-word artists from the
Sydney area.

Directed by Elsie Edgerton-Till (The Plant – The Ensemble
Theatre, Phone A Friend – New Zealand Playhouse), WASTED
brings together an exciting young cast: Jack Crumlin, Eliza
Scott and David Harrison and features the innovative
production design of Tyler Ray Hawkins.

For information and bookings




Artist Kristen Howarth is inviting art lovers to her first exhibition entitled FEARLESS.

This exhibition is a collection of my work in various shapes, sizes in acrylics and mixed media. The artworks have evolved during my journey to break through the fears that have held her back in life.

Kristen would love people to attend her exhibition and share in her journey. She sees fear as being the one thing that stops people  stops people from attempting things.  To step into the fear and try new things is to change the course and therefore the outcome but that can mean you need to get out of your comfort zone you need to be brave. Continue reading KRISTEN HOWARTH AND BREAKING THROUGH FEAR WITH ART


That old adage – truth is stranger and often more interesting and exciting than fiction- keep on coming up trumps.

Recently I went to the opening of Boeing Boeing  the latest production at the Rockdale Theatre Guild.

Set in Paris, Boeing Boeing is about Bernard, a playboy who spends his time alternating between three different air hostesses from different international airlines. Inevitably Bernard gets caught out and his Lothario ways come to an end.

At the end  of the performance, and after the cast took their bows, Nathan came out to the front of the stage and ‘out of character’ proposed marriage to his long standing girlfriend Jodi, who he meet through the Guild.

Jodi Burns came up to the stage and accepted his proposal. Bernard put a ring on Jodi’s finger. Families from both sides, as well as the audience who had not yet left the auditorium, as well as the rest of the cast who had come on stage, enjoyed the celebration.

Best wishes to Nathan and Jodi on their upcoming marriage. May they have plenty of happy years together!.



‘I never travel without my diary, one should always have something sensational to read on the train.’  Oscar Wilde from ‘The Importance Of Being Earnest’.

Hey, it is one of my favourite Oscar Wilde quotes. One just has to love Oscar’s chutzpah, self belief, and audacity.

Which brings me to Lally Katz. I see her as being something of a modern day Oscar Wilde figure; a writer who sucks the marrow bone out of life, and puts the best, most interesting moments, stories and characters from her life up there on the stage.

I don’t want to give away too much about ATLANTIS. I will just say its full to overflowing with quirky and often humorous characters, situations and rich imaginings. Continue reading LALLY KATZ’S ‘ATLANTIS’ UPSTAIRS @ BELVOIR STREET